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Monday, February 8, 2016

Pictures of Wonderland

Good news everyone.  Last week I had a unique opportunity.  It turns out that the fashion designers in Wonderland may want to sell their wares to the rest of the Nether Realm again. I was asked by my scroll mason, Edward, to go to Wonderland and scout out locations for a photoshoot.  A scroll mason is the Nether Realm equivalent of a newspaper editor in the Earth Realm. 

Lituous Trees
Since the 19th century, Wonderland has kept its gates closed to all beings including mystics, humans, aliens and even gods.  This is because of an incident that involved two humans coming into the Nether Realm.  For months, a man and a little girl kept coming to Wonderland.    No one knew how these two humans got in but there are theories.  I think they both were astral projectors to be honest with you.  Because they kept coming, they discovered Wonderland’s deepest secrets.  Both of these humans wound up telling everyone in the Earth Realm about Wonderland.  The residents saw this as a threat and took drastic action. 

Rappin Sticky Roses
Now that is beginning to change and I got to be one of the first outsiders to go there in about 200 years.  I was quite honored.  I had an anthropomorphic squirrel named Tula to serve as my guide to show me around and tell me about this land.  Anthropomorphic means a creature that is not human but takes on human traits.  Wonderland is a magical place full of fantastic and wondrous oddities.  It is a land shrouded with mystery. 

My big responsibility in being there was to make a good impression on the residents.  So I had to play by their rules and show them that they could trust outsiders again.  I had to get special permission from both the proper authorities of Wonderland and the Ambassadors of Nether Realm Relations to show you my pictures and tell you my story.  Luckily for me they approved of this post.

One of the first things that happened was a frog in a trim grey suit and boulder hat approached Tula and I.  He said to us, "Logging for a haren, milady." I had no idea what that meant which is not surprising because Wonderland has its own unique language.  But my guide looked rather alarmed.  She told me to ignore him so that is what I did but because of her expression, I was not completely comfortable about it.

Bulbut Lightingales
During the two days I was there, I met some interesting anthropomorphic animals that I had a cuckoo, high tea with.  Apparently, logging means looking and haren means high tea.  The tea and cakes were wonderful and beautifully presented.  The company that I kept gave me some hints of what to look for.  Then they decided to talk in the Wonderland language for about ten minutes.  Before I knew it, my companions dumped their teas over their heads, jumped up on the table and did some break dancing on the food.  The high tea ended rather oddly.  Tula and I made an abrupt departure.  No wonder Tula was a bit concerned about going to a high tea.

Early the next morning, we began the search for locations.   We went to the areas that were suggested to us at the high tea and what I saw was awe-inspiring.  We came across trees that had small, glowing growths.  They looked like stars arranged in a pattern on the tree’s bark.  Tula told me that these trees are called the lituous trees.  They were very cool.  Next we came across an unusual vine that had

bright red pointed flowers.  They are called rappin sticky roses and they are highly poisonous.  From a distance you can smell their musky seductive scent but if you get too close, they will knock you unconscious for a week.  I am told not even the bulbut lightingales would wake you up.  The bulbut lightingales grow wild but they also grow on people’s houses and they are the brightest things I have ever seen. They shine their brightest at night when the sun is completely down.  It brings a whole new meaning to a nightlight. 

Stilfalin Waterfall

I saw a lot of beautiful things in Wonderland but what captured my heart was the Stifalin Waterfall.  It was a waterfall that has been frozen in time.  At one time there was a war between two kingdoms.  Both sides suffered great loss and many people died.  The conflicting royalties called a truce and froze this waterfall as a symbol of this truce.  However the war was not ended and I got the sense that they are still on shaky ground.  A beautiful symbol to remind them that war has terrible consequences that should be avoided.  A frozen waterfall is unnatural and so is war. 

To be able to go to Wondeland and get some pictures

 of possible locations for a photoshoot was a chance of a lifetime.   Although I was happy to go, it was not an easy trip.  People speaking in a language I don’t understand and engaging in some really bizarre behavior can be off putting.  However, I am happy that Wonderland is looking to trade their fashions again.  Wonderland has always had beautiful and enchanting clothes.  I’ve seen them in my Mom’s old scrolls and I wished I had some of those dresses.  Luckily, I might be able to buy one now.  Hopefully, Wonderland will hold to their decision to trade.  Only time will tell.      



Monday, February 1, 2016

Fun and Practical Ways of Getting Rid of a Cold

 Forgive the tardy post but as you may have guessed from the title I have been sick with the cold.   As I have been lying in bed coughing and hacking, I actually discovered many ways you can feel better.  

1.      Rest-  I hate to state the obvious but any doctor, naturopath, or witch doctor will tell you that the ultimate way to get rid of this nasty virus is to stay in bed and sleep lots. Phone in sick, let TV babysit the kids and forget all your other troubles. 
2.      Liquids, Liquids and more Liquids- Yes, it is important to stay hydrated especially when you spend a lot of time coughing and choking.  Your mouth will feel dry, your throat will be sore and you will find yourself sweating a lot.  So be sure to drink a lot of fluids especially hot beverages.  I happen to know the best hot beverage you can take for such a nasty cold.  That is my Dragon Fire Tonic.   
3.      Let off a little steam- If you have a humidifier or some kind of steam maker then use it!  Please know that you can put some wonderful aromatherapy to good use with this.  Personally, I like to use Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary and Pine.  These work the best when you are congested.  If you don't have anything like this, then never fear just take your dear sweet time in the shower.  Believe me this helps too.
4.      Watch some good ghost movies- This is just my movie genre preference but they always seem to make me feel better.  They don't have to be ghostly but if you're going to lie around all day, you might as well enjoy yourself.  Besides, all those ghost movies remind me of my home world.  And when you are scared, you may forget that you are also miserable. 
5.      Meditate- This may seem unnecessary to some but many studies have shown that the mind and body are connected.  If you take care of your mind, your body will start to take care of itself and you will get better faster.
6.      Put Vicks under and around your nose- this is something that I just tried.  It was suggested by a friend and it works!!!  It stings the nose a bit (if it's red) but it heals faster, stops running and makes it so much easier to breathe.  Don't forget to put Vicks on your chest and back as well.  Every little bit helps and reminds you of what your mother did when you were a child.
7.      Cough and Hack until it's out of your system – This is pretty self-explanatory.  The reason why you cough in the first place is to get the virus out of your system.  So let it all out!  Blow your nose as well.  Don’t be dainty.  Be loud, long and strong. 
8.      Vitamins, Herbs and Minerals - You will need to take Vitamin C, Echinachea, Ginseng and Zinc.  These four will help boost immunity and get rid of the cold faster. 
9.      Drink some wine - It may not cure it but it sure feels good until you pass out.  (See #1)
10.  If all else fails call an Exorcist - Why not?  You've tried everything else.

You want to take special care of yourself.  A little pampering, indulgence and T.L.C. will go a long way.  Treat yourself as you would treat a child. In the end, you will not only feel better but you will have experienced a little love as well.  It’s almost like a vacation except you suffer instead of your wallet.