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Sunday, May 31, 2015

An Issue of Apology

devil eyes redHello everyone.  I have noticed lately that there are alot of writings about this "Charlie Charlie Challenge." So being your guide to this world and the next, I decided to investigate.  After much searching and talking to so many people who don't know where this comes from, I have finally found an explanation.  This is a ridiculous farce and a bad joke from a troll named Gunther who resides in the Nether Realm. 

He really dislikes children.   He considers them noisy, nosy, and smelly.  FYI he thinks pretty much the same thing about everybody else.   You just have to say "hello" to him and he'll go into a full blown roast of your personality.  He is a bit of hermit and doesn't like people around him.  He's such a grump!  His bad attitude can repel an angry dragon seeking revenge.  So I guess he's good for something. 

He crossed over into the Earth Realm sometime in the 1950s to somewhere in Mexico.  A lot of mystical creatures use a glamor so of course, he looks human.  An older gentleman, I imagine.  It would suit him.  Anyway, being the miserable sod that he is, he noticed some children playing around his shack.  So of course being children, they were being a little rowdy and high-spirited.  He decided to put an end to it and tell them this fabricated story about a demon named Charlie.  He is supposed to come out and answer questions that these kids ask, usually "yes and no" questions.

Gunther told these kids to put two pencils together and write "yes and no" in four quadrants,   He also told them to ask Charlie if " he would come out and play." And of course, Gunther caused the pencil to spin around by tapping the ground with his walking stick which in turn caused the table to shift a bit.  So since they thought this was so real they told their friends and those friends told other friends and so on. That's how this whole mess got started.

As for all the paranormal happenings, he put a bit of a spell on certain people who pissed him off in someway.  He had them perceiving things that were not there at all.  Yes even the red eyed demon or the sombrero wearing ghost is all a fake.  People are more likely to see Charlie Sheen appear in their house rather than a demon with this game. 

On behalf of the Nether World, Gunther (even though he won't admit it) and mystics everywhere, I would like to apologize for this elaborate hoax that was brought on by a miserable troll.

Please understand not all trolls are like him. Many are helpful and kind hearted beings.  When you treat them well, they can be really good protectors and good luck when you need it the most.  So thank you all for tuning in and I hope you can accept our apology.  Gunther will be dealt with in the most justifying way.

Friday, May 29, 2015

An Important Quote

"The two most important days of your life is the day you were born, and the day you find out why."  - Mark Twain

This is somethng all of us whether we are a human or mystic should remember.  Sometimes there are things in this world (hell even in the next world) that can really get you down.  Some things you can not escape but you can remember that everything you are and everything you do is important.  You are important.  That is what this brilliant writer wanted to say.  It is amazing to me how much wisdom can come from just one person. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Magic of Orchids

Orchids.  They are a fascinating flower.  Beautiful, sensual, exotic and yes even magical.  These magnificent flowers can do a great deal of things.  It will balance the male/female energies, control your own energy but the best and most fun one is heightening sexual energies.   Oh yeah, I said it!  Orchids are a favorite amongst elves, fairies and other nature spirits when it comes to possessing the knowledge and spirituality of sex.  Sexuality is the source of our creative forces and it is important to tap into it once in a while. 

Here is a little something to spice up your sex life.  Not that any of you need it but it would be a fun little experiment. 
You will need:

 1 fresh orchid blossom
7 drops of vanilla essential oil
1/8 of a teaspoon of cardamom
1 drop of honey
1 sachet bag
1 red candle

What to do:

  1. Light your red candle and through this whole exercise visualize your sexual partner. 
  2. Take the orchid and put it in a small bowl.
  3. Put the vanilla drops as close to the center of the blossom as you can.
  4. Sprinkle the cardamom on top of the flower.
  5. Put a drop of honey in the center of the blossom.
  6. Cover the bowl and shake everything together
  7. Pour the contents into the sachet bag.
  8. Put the sachet bag into your underwear drawer and blow out the candle.

Now when you and your partner are ready for your "little alone time" light the red candle again.  When the erotic feeling takes you over, your partner will notice your glow almost immediately.  When this happens, you will know it's time.  Have fun lovers! 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Picnic in the Plaza - Out of this World

Can anyone imagine a better way to spend a beautiful Sunday than being out and about?  Especially when that out and about happens to be in the East Village of Calgary where a lively event, Picnic in the Plaza, is taking place.  What happens there is that many food trucks are spread out by the River Plaza.  These trucks are looking to sell some food and make their presence known. They are similar to the food carts in our world that you see  most in the market town of Merkiva.  There is also a small stage with the "Bass Bus."  Live musicians and deejays played some hot beats and chill melodies.  Sounds like heaven right?  And it's just by the river, so it was paradise.

 I came to this event with an old Naga friend that I made in college.   We haven't seen each other for a year and she happened to be in my neck of the realms.  She asked me not to write her name for privacy reasons and I have to respect that.  Many of us know Nagas are half human, half snake creatures from the Hindi/Buddhist regions and are a part of the Siren Clan.  They are similar to mermaids, as they can change their tails into legs. The difference is that they can reside on land and not be affected when water touches their legs.  They still have to be careful because their transformation can happen when they are the most relaxed.  Now being water creatures, they are often the most relaxed when close to water.  We decided that we would go check this thing out and I am really glad that we did.  
Our adventure began when we paid our $5.00 at the door and went inside.  The first thing we saw was a small caravan that sold clothing and jewelry. Their clothing was of the more vintage, bohemian, casual type but the jewelry, I lost my heart to it.  It is made locally from recycled material and made to look as if it came from another time.  My friend could not leave without a blue stone necklace that reminded her of home. I don't blame her.  And you know, if I didn't know any better, I'd say these items came straight from the Nether Realm. 

After we had finished admiring the clothing caravan, my friend and I explored and sampled a little of this and a little of that.  I think my favorite was either the mango bruschetta or the triple chocolate cupcake.   Both were so delicious that I could not decide which was better.  I must warn everyone though.  Do not buy the "Love Potion".  My friend and I both agreed that all it would stir up is divorce.  One taste of this would ward off all kinds of human contact.  So naturally, we kept it for protection.  No offense to those who made it but you can't win them all.  


But we felt like we won.  The ebb of the river and the eclectic music made the whole event more joyous.  We decided to eat our unusual tacos out by the river since there is an opening at the fence right by it.  My friend, being a Naga and so drawn to water, was very pleased that we did this.  As we ate, we dipped our feet in the river. To me the water was ice cold and damn frigid.  Not so much fun for me but for my friend, she loved it.  To a Naga any water, especially if water is hard to come by, is sacred no matter how cold.  
We were listening to the music.  It had some good pulsing beats but it was mellow enough to just enjoy.  The sound of the music seemed to match the look and flow of the water.  I wonder if these musicians and deejays knew this. To be serenaded that way while we chilled out by the water was like we were back in the Nether Realm.  Because she was a little to relaxed, my friend's snake trail showed a bit causing a little concern.  But I covered it with my jacket until her legs came back and luckily no one noticed.  So all is well.

If there is another food truck event like Picnic in the Plaza, I recommend you check it out.  If you have a good friend, good food, good music, water and a warm spring day, you will have a splendid time.


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Le Villa

Sometimes you want to treat yourself and the ones you love to a place that is romantic, elegant and comfortable.  Such a place is Le Villa, a small little Italian place that resides on Sirocco Drive in the Southwest of Calgary.  It's homey but classy atmosphere is perfect for any kind customer no matter what you are looking to eat.

Although this place is quite expensive, you get more than what you pay for.  The food is beyond excellent.  It is prepared for you in a way that looks like a work of art and when you take that first bite, it is true poetry.

In this place with this food , You have a dreamy experience of herbs and spices melding together in a symphony of pasta and cheeses.  I am speaking of the Lemon and Ricotta Ravioli.  That is what I had, along with some roasted asparagus as a side.  All of it was very flavorful and very yummy .  You will notice that I had asked for tomato sauce.  It doesn't come with the tomato sauce but It is my
preference.  The staff was more than happy to accommodate my tastes.

My two companions that came with me had the risotto with the scampi and the halibut with potatoes and vegetables.  They both assured me that it was the best meal that they have had in a long time.  To them it tasted as good as it looked and it made them feel wonderful afterwards.

This is true kitchen magic .  The great thing is that the serving size of these meals is just right.  After the main course you felt very comfortable and lucky enough to save room for dessert.  Believe me, you want the dessert.

We had the chocolate mousse tower.  It was a brilliant finish of an already exceptional meal.  Sweet but not too sweet, rich and moist but not runny and of course every fey person's favorite, loaded with chocolate and cream.

The staff were very helpful and well-informed.  They give you sincere recommendations with a nice smile.  Suggestions such as what wine goes with what dish.  Also they go out of their way to make sure that you have a great experience in this restaurant.  You got a love that folks.

So like I said if you want a memorable experience where the food is wonderful and the ambiance is blissful then come to Le Villa.  The warm and friendly staff will greet you with smiles and have you leaving in the best of spirits.  

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Witches Hat Challenge

After shopping with a friend and spending about $300 on a pair of Jeans (love them!).  I had a starling idea.  What if we can bring Witch\Wizard hat's back in style in this realm?

Think about it, they were popular in mideval times in this realm.  Why not bring it back?  I would like to challenge anyone whether you are a designer or fantasy fanatic to make a witch's hat that is beautiful, practical and fashionable.   Please send in some pictures of your creation and we will put in a vote for the best one.

Use some fun and crazy colors, feathers, flowers and any other unique items that would look smashing on these hats.  Lets bring "wizzy\ witchy back"

Now you all are probably wondering is there a prize here?  Well for starters, you get fame and recognition and many applause from this world and the next.  The rest is a secret.  ;)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Happy Ghost Stories

Good day everyone!  After seeing so many trailers and advertisements for the movie, "Poltergeist" (No it's not about you Bobby), I decided to go out and hear a few real life ghost stories in this realm.  What is unique about these stories is that these are not stories of tragedy but rather happy ones.  Here is one such tale.

A young woman who chooses to remain anonymus tells me about her experiences growing up in a haunted house.  Her story begins at the tender age of 3 years old.  One night while she was asleep in her room, she woke up having the need for a glass of water.  When she opened her eyes, she saw a strange man with brown hair and a beard.  He wore an old fashioned brown suit with a black tie, had circular rimmed glasses and brown dress shoes. He was a very intellectual looking man. 

Never-the-less, the girl being too young to understand that the apparation meant no harm, ran to her parents bedroom and got her mother.  When her mother came with her to look in her room, the man was gone but she believed her daughter because she once saw this man too.  She told her daughter that she saw him as a reflection in the window one day and when she looked back he disappeared.  Her mother assured her that this ghost is harmless.  This story helped the girl feel better enough to go back to bed. 

After a few nights of seeing this man, he finally spoke her and assured her to not be afraid.  He wasn't there to hurt her, he only wanted to talk to her.  She spent a couple of hours listening to his story and realized that he was telling her the truth.  He meant no harm.  She learned that he was a medicine man who treated alot of women and children.  He has helped many but unfortuneatley he couldn't help himself.  He got really sick with consumption and passed away but he wasn't through helping others.

Many visitations happened with him, until he and this little girl became good friends.  They sat on the grass together whenever she played outside, they'd watch movies together and sometimes they would just sit and talk.    He helped this woman just by being there for her and being a friend.  Even to this day when she visits her family, she still gets a sense that he is still there watching over her.  With that she wanted to say, "Thanks Harry, for everything." 

Our next story is from a man (he too, chooses to be anonymous) who had an invisible named Louis.  This began in his childhood as well.  As a young boy growing up on the farm with many older brothers and sisters, he would play outside often.  One day, he was playing in a hay stack while his brothers and sisters were at school.  He was playing with some of the kittens that he and his family owned.  Naturally, he climbed all the way to the top of the haystack thinking he was king of the mountain.  Suddenly, he started to fall but someone caught him.  It was a man who was tall with very blue eyes and a big grey moustache.  This man introduced himself as Louis and for the rest of the day, the young boy had some company. 

Later that night, his mother asked him what he did that day.  He told her about Louis and the fact that he met him over at the hay stack in the field.  After listening to her son, the mother had realized somthing.  The desciption of this man fits with the boy's grandfather.  He had never met him, nor has he seen his picture, so how could he know this?  His mother remembered of how her father always took care of the fields as he was a farmer himself. So it made perfect sense that her son would see him out there. Louis was a good man who lived a long healthy life and met a good death in his sleep.  She imagined that he was not at rest because he wanted to watch over things a little longer.  After that day, the boy never saw Louis again but still thinks of him now and again.  

There you have it.  There are some happy ghost stories out there.  You just have to look for them or if you are in the Nether Realm just talk to one of our ghostly residents. They are always happy to have a chat with you. If you have a fond memory of a ghost or a tale where you met a kindly spectre please share it on my blog.  I'd love to know what others have experienced. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mermaid Beauty Bath


Forgive the lateness of my post but I had to travel back to the Nether Realm and get my favorite beauty potion.  It's called Mermaid Beauty Bath and it is a genius infusion that really works.  The best news is, I have the recipe.  If you all want an easy, magical and nourishing bath oil then you all have to try this. 

  • A bottle of fresh spring water
  • A handful of dead sea salt
  • 3 strips of seaweed (found in most health food Stores)
  • 1/2 a cup of rose petals (preferably pink)
  • 1 sprig of lavender
  • 1 cup of coconut oil
  • 1 enchanted white pearl (optional)  

What you need to do:

  1. Take the rose petals, lavender and seaweed and mix them using a mortar and pestle until well blended.
  2. In a small saucepan, bring the spring water to a boil and then turn it right down to low.
  3. Add coconut oil and remove saucepan from stove.
  4. Put in your favorite bottle (Non-breakable and heat resistant is a must) 
  5. Put your plant mixture in with the oil and water.
  6. Stir or shake it until blended.
  7. Add the sea salt.
  8. Drop the pearl in and shake everything.
  9. Wait an hour before use.

Tips from the Mermaids:
*Store in a cool dry place

*When you use this product in your bath make sure you have the atmosphere to match because it helps the process work quicker.  In otherwords, have some subtle sea-smelling candles burning, play some light string music and use a natural sponge. 

*The mermaids have a special mantra that they sing to themselves that helps them calm their minds and feel wonderful about themselves.  "Vie estas benlegla , vie trios, vie estas amora"  Loosely translated from the siren language, it means "You are beautiful, you are desire, you are love."

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Shouting Out to the Shape-shifter Clan

Well this is my latest shout out!  And I want to say a friendly "Hi there and Hello!" to the Shape-Shifting Clan.  Love you guys!  And no not just because I know that you guys can rip all of my extremeities off of my body.  But because you guys are one of the biggest builders, helpers and defenders of all those who really need your help. 
Yes, I am talking about the werewolves, werecats and the many weres out there.  You guys are the greatest!  Thanks to you guys, we have good homes, safe streets, and food on the table (even though that food is mostly meat).  These friendly, outdoorsy folks have always come through in a time of trouble.  Without them, I don't think any of the clans would be here today.  I know I wouldn't be.

I remember being a small child wandering through a meadow when this dark ominous shadow appeared before me.  It tried to reach out to me with these large pointy claws.  I was so scared that I froze right then and there, completely unable to move.  All of a sudden this large grey dog-like creature jumped out of the long grass and clawed at it.  The shadow let out a screech and vanished.  Just as it did, this beast looked at me for a few moments, sniffed me (for any injury I think) and then ran away.  I never did get to meet him (I don't think).  But I have met several others and they have been nothing but nice.

Now don't get me wrong.  These guys have an angry streak.  If you cause them harm or to anyone they care about, they get into a rage and destroy everything in sight.  To say that they make an awful mess is an understatement.  I haven't seen it personally but I heard many a tale about homes being in shambles and... well people dying (not so fun to talk about that).
Still, they are real party animals.  They are fun and have some amazing stories to share.  If you ever find yourself sitting across from a shape-shifter at a dinner party, don't walk away.  Stay there because you will hear some of the most interesting and intriguing stories.  For example; the werecat I was talking to at my friend's party.  She actually went through a whole building in this realm (Earth) with noone seeing her.  She went in and out of vents and noone noticed.  Not even the video cameras. 

This could be a good spy movie, right?  Before I finish flattering you guys, I will say one thing.  You guys have got to stop shreading all over my furniture.  And as for the werecat that scratched up my couch.  You are paying for it!  Anyway, lots of love to you guys and thank you for all you do.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Calgary Flames are Climbing Up!

Well sports fans, the Calgary Flames have just beaten the Anaheim Ducks!  Awesome!  But this is just the beginning for them.  They have at least three more games with the Ducks in order to get to the next level.  Will they get there?  Only time will tell but I am hopeful.  By the look of the last game the Ducks are quite strong players but the good news so are the Flames. 

Hockey is interesting isn't it?  It's not as exciting as watching the Warrior Realm fights in the coliseum in Colisium but there is a certain ballet to it.  I think Artemis or Athena would approve of hockey.  Although I have had no chance in talking to either one of them being busy goddesses and all, I'd like to think they enjoy a good sport just like the rest of us. 

The sport of hockey is intriguing but the parties that you go to when you want to celebrate the win can be epic.  I'm talking fireworks, dancing like its the centennial celebration and happiness that fills an entire city.  Word of warning though, If you are going out to the Red Mile ( 17 Avenue Southwest ).  Make sure that you are cautious, aware of what's going on around you and make lots of fun memories!  It's important to have those because that is what makes this world worth living.  Just ask the guy who got arrested the last time there was a party on the Red Mile.  Apparently he was running around with nothing on below his waist.  Back in our world, it's usually Pan (the satyr nature god ) and he hasn't gotten any since the Celestina put a curse on him. 

Good luck and skill have been blessed to the Flames, so far.  I know they will play with all their hearts and make all us Calgarians proud.  So win big Flames!  Not just for your love of the game but for your fans.  I got $50 riding on you guys!  Good luck.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Cirque du Soleil: Circus of Wonders...Very Kurios

One of the best things about being in this realm is the fact that humans can really make some wonders or in this case curiosities.  Cirque du Soleil: Kurios - the Cabinet of Curiosities is just that, an experience filled with wonder.  There are few instances in this world where you can watch something and be totally in awe of it.  When its over all of your troubles just melt away.  That is what this circus can do.  This unique experience surrounds you in upbeat and unconventional music with bright and colorful characters preforming a series of acrobatics, dance and acting.  Then there is the stage, where some fantastical objects move around and show you a world that dreams are made of. 

In this particular show, a quirky but determined professor invents a cabinet that defies all the realities of this plane.  The best part is, you get to see it unfold in front of you.  You have an invisible circus, mermen flying on an acronet and a world that is upside down but this is just the beginning.  I don't want to give too much away and spoil the magic but this show is worth seeing no matter who you are.  A word of warning though is that this show is expensive.  You will have to loosen those purse strings but again you get what you pay for with this spectacular show.

Its alot like the Cirque Des Etoiles that we have in our world that the Star Clan puts on for us.  The difference is that it is preformed by humans and humans only.  That's right, all of you in the Nether Realm will be happy to know that there are no mistreated animals in these shows.  And the humans are treated very well here.  They work very hard at it though and it shows because all of these performers are very impressive.  This show is one of those things that show you what the human race is capable of.  Skill, imagination, and making the impossible possible.  This is a very admirable trait for anyone from any realm.    

I still want to see one that has fairies in it though.