Sunday, May 31, 2015

An Issue of Apology

devil eyes redHello everyone.  I have noticed lately that there are alot of writings about this "Charlie Charlie Challenge." So being your guide to this world and the next, I decided to investigate.  After much searching and talking to so many people who don't know where this comes from, I have finally found an explanation.  This is a ridiculous farce and a bad joke from a troll named Gunther who resides in the Nether Realm. 

He really dislikes children.   He considers them noisy, nosy, and smelly.  FYI he thinks pretty much the same thing about everybody else.   You just have to say "hello" to him and he'll go into a full blown roast of your personality.  He is a bit of hermit and doesn't like people around him.  He's such a grump!  His bad attitude can repel an angry dragon seeking revenge.  So I guess he's good for something. 

He crossed over into the Earth Realm sometime in the 1950s to somewhere in Mexico.  A lot of mystical creatures use a glamor so of course, he looks human.  An older gentleman, I imagine.  It would suit him.  Anyway, being the miserable sod that he is, he noticed some children playing around his shack.  So of course being children, they were being a little rowdy and high-spirited.  He decided to put an end to it and tell them this fabricated story about a demon named Charlie.  He is supposed to come out and answer questions that these kids ask, usually "yes and no" questions.

Gunther told these kids to put two pencils together and write "yes and no" in four quadrants,   He also told them to ask Charlie if " he would come out and play." And of course, Gunther caused the pencil to spin around by tapping the ground with his walking stick which in turn caused the table to shift a bit.  So since they thought this was so real they told their friends and those friends told other friends and so on. That's how this whole mess got started.

As for all the paranormal happenings, he put a bit of a spell on certain people who pissed him off in someway.  He had them perceiving things that were not there at all.  Yes even the red eyed demon or the sombrero wearing ghost is all a fake.  People are more likely to see Charlie Sheen appear in their house rather than a demon with this game. 

On behalf of the Nether World, Gunther (even though he won't admit it) and mystics everywhere, I would like to apologize for this elaborate hoax that was brought on by a miserable troll.

Please understand not all trolls are like him. Many are helpful and kind hearted beings.  When you treat them well, they can be really good protectors and good luck when you need it the most.  So thank you all for tuning in and I hope you can accept our apology.  Gunther will be dealt with in the most justifying way.

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