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Friday, July 31, 2015

The Legend of the Blue Moon

Do you all remember that old saying, "once in a blue moon?"  Well we officially had one last night.  A blue moon is when there are two full moons in one month. For us (Mystics) it is a few hours where everything becomes entirely different, some would say insane.  I remember seeing a vampire put his pants on his head and his shirt on his legs.  It was freaking hilarious!

But that is what happens during this rare occurrence.  Our behaviour becomes erratic but it is not in a harmful way.  For one day our behaviour becomes a little uninhibited due to the changes in the moon and the tides.   I remember the last blue moon when I put on Angelica's (the angel) fancy gown and did a handstand.  I was trying to be a bellflower.

In the Earth Realm, it is more subtle than that. My behaviour didn't change but my circumstances did.  I had just arrived to Vancouver Island and I saw the moon was bright, beautiful and so blue. It was true proof that the mystical and magical can exist in this world. 

We stop at is this whimsical little place off the road called "Ice Cream Mountain".  It's not really a mountain made of ice cream (I checked) but it is a romantic little spot worthy of first dates and moon magic. 

I got a huge surprise when I saw that they have the same ice cream flavors in this place as they do in our favorite market town of Merkiva in the Nether Realm.  So, I decided to order a scoop of  "Moon Mist" and a scoop of "Rainbow Sherbert."  I had forgotten the flavor of Moon Mist but it was very yummy.  The Rainbow Sherbet was just as I remembered; bright and lively to the taste.  These ice creams are from a company called "Island Farms."  I am curious if they are from the Nether Realm because of the names of some of these ice cream flavors.  I'd like to meet them and find out.

So there I am, enjoying my delicious moon-a-licious ice cream, admiring the view and appreciating the blue moon in a beautiful calm spot.  Come to think of it, not being wild and being serene is very unusual for me.  I guess that was my blue moon oddity.  Everyone has a weird night where the unexpected happens on a blue moon.  What happened on your blue moon last night?

Thursday, July 30, 2015

What Those Wily Wildflowers Can Do For You

Photo by Kenneth Fung
In my opinion, the best flowers are wildflowers.  Wildflowers are a rainbow of colours that bring us both surprises and magic.   They hold the purest of all light magic because they are free and untouched by any negative being.  In fact, they often repel evil forces and attract all the good ones.  But keep in mind that they're magic can be very unpredictable.  Still for that reason, they are a favourite of mine and many other mystics. 

Photo donated by a woman named Debbie
These plants can do many great and unexpected things but the is best of what they can do is grant wishes.  However, they can't do this alone, they need a little help from a crystal.  Not just any crystals though.  You have to get a specific crystal to do a specific wish.  Crystals have always been used like beacons for manifestation by the Mystics.  Here are five examples of what crystals to use.

  1. Clear quartz - is to be used if you want to learn something new or expel something negative. 
  2. Citrine - is for money, success or prosperity related wishes.
  3. Rose quartz - is for when your wishes have to do with love.
  4. Green aventurine - is best for when it comes to health related wishes
  5. Amethyst - is to be used if you want to know something about the future.
To make your wish, here's what you have do.  Find a wild patch out in the wilderness or grow a wildflower garden of your own (which is even better).  Put your crystal between your hands in a prayer position and meditate for ten minutes on your wish.  Gently place your crystal pointing up to the sky in the centre of the garden.  Breath in the cool, crisp, clean air as you keep your wish on your mind.  Imagine that you have your wish as you leave your crystal there.  Be patient and before you know it, your wish will come with a whoosh. 

When your wish comes true you can retrieve your stone. If you find that it is gone then it means that you had some help and they needed to keep that crystal.  If it is still there then all you needed was your own faith and trust in yourself.
Photo by Kenneth Fung

WARNINGS : Watch out for weeds.  They often create obstacles.  It doesn't mean he won't get your wish it will just take more time.  Keep your distance from all poisonous plants.  Harm to yourself is harm to your wish.

Have you made your wish yet?

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Peculiar Portal of Ptarmigan Cirque

The entrance of Ptarmigan Cirque

The Nether Realm
 Good news mystics!  If your feeling homesick, I found a portal just outside of Ptarmigan Cirque.  It is a little area in the Kananaskis that is used for hiking.  I have heard some good things about this beautiful place so I decided to explore it for a day.

I walk the trail until I come to an elevated path.  This is a very steep hike, so I mentally prepare myself for it.  After walking up this slope for a while, I decided to stop and catch my breath.  I felt like my lungs were set on fire by a salamander (fire elemental).  Out of the corner of my eye, I see what looks like a blue star.   I walk over to it and to my surprise, I had bumped into a portal.  Before I knew it, the star turns into a big blue mass that swallows me whole.  It sounds scary but portals tend to do that.

The Golden Stones that house the Gate
The first thing I saw was the Golden Stones and I knew that I was back in the Nether Realm. The purple clouds were out that day which tells me that the sorcerers were brewing the anti-demon shields again.  So it's a dead give away at what realm this was.  Then I was greeted in a formal manner by  the guardian of the gate.  It's a comforting feeling to know that this enchantress is still there day and night but I can't help but wonder...doesn't she ever take a break? A nice vacation away from making sure that only mystics come through to the Nether Realm?  Well all I know is she can be a real tight-ass.  She lets me take pictures of the scenery but not of her.  She really needs some time off!

She is still lovely though but the Golden Stones were more so.  These rocks are real gold and no you can not just take them.  Only dwarfs or leprechauns can access them.  Anyone else who tries often meets with some terrible luck but they are still wonderful to watch when the sun hits them.  They sparkle like an angel's halo.
Winding road down a fairy forest
So after I paid my respects to the guardian, I walk through the glen, down the winding road and into the fairy forest.  There is so much to see that I could write a novel about it all.  Since that would take a little longer, I will save you all of that and skip to the best part.

It was just about sundown when I saw a sight that I haven't seen in a long time.  The sprites emerging for their nightly flight.  Sprites are little wisps of light similar to will-o-the-wisps but smaller and pure magical energy.  They look like beautiful little orbs.  I always love to watch them flit through the air.  
Sprites emerging at Sundown
I could not stay to watch these lovely little lights for long because I had a date waiting for me in the Earth realm. But at least, I got a picture to remember them by.   So, I propped out my wings and flied out of the forest faster than a bat escaping from a giant's fart.  I wave good bye to the guardian and pass through the gate. 

It was nice to see the Nether Realm again.  Even I miss it and I travel all the time. To all those who are suffering from homesickness... don't worry, we have all been there and I have a couple of little tips that I got from a witch doctor to help you get over that.  The first thing you do is make yourself a nice cup of wild orange blossom tea and sip it slowly.  The second thing you do is take a piece of sugilite (aka dream stone) and put it under your pillow as you sleep.  Both of these items will relieve any sadness you have and open up your heart to happiness.  What do you all do when you are homesick?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dragon Riders

Free Dragon Attacking Castle - fantasy, computer desktop wallpapers, pictures, images
Did you know there are people the Nether Realm who make a living by riding dragons? Dragon riders provide a form of delivery service and transportation. Much like the pony express or an airplane in the Earth Realm. However, even well trained dragons are not as tame as horses and they certainly are not machines. Dragons are a little tougher to handle. Sometimes they get spooked or edgy or restless or even amorous. There are different types of dragons and some will shoot fire, some will shoot ice, and some will shoot lightening.  All will slash with their tails, claw with their feet, and bite with their gigantic teeth.

Dragon Potion from Free Minds

Dragon riders are well trained and wear protective equipment (the dragon amulet for example). Handling an agitated dragon can be challenging and sometimes dangerous. Now don’t get me wrong.  A dragon would never intentionally harm its rider. It is amazing to see how protective the dragon is of the rider. It strongly resembles a parent/child relationship. However, accidents do happen.

To protect themselves and their dragons, riders will sometimes prepare a special calming potion.  It is a mixture of snap dragon flowers, green dragon leaves, the peel of a kumquat, and the bark or flowers of the moringa tree, mixed with morning dew and stirred with a bamboo stalk. The potion is instantly effective when the dragon smells it.  So the potion does last for a long time. It is quite a lot of work to collect the ingredients and prepared the potion but it is much easier than dealing with an unhappy dragon.
Picture from

When I was writing my thesis on the stresses of dragon handling I met Haroon, a very experienced rider, and his dragon, Nega. We developed a strong friendship and Haroon has allowed me to accompany him on several journeys. The best part of the trip is the flying. Flying is fun and thrilling and quite unlike anything I have experienced in the Earth Realm. It is not a carnival ride but more like parasailing or hang gliding.  You could try that to get a similar experience.

If you get agitated and there is a chance you could hurt yourself or others with your words or deeds, you may want to try a calming potion.  The best calming essential oils include: lavender, camomile, rose, sandalwood, and frankinscenceA mint scent of any kind works well for me.  Have you tried aromatherapy yet?

Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Jade Elephant

There are many marvelous and mysterious things in the world that have magical powers. Many people ask me:  “How do you find a magical object? How do you know it is magic? How do you find out what powers it has?”  If an object comes to you by some strange coincidence or odd circumstance, chances are it has found you. It is magical for you and you alone. As soon as you hold it, you will feel a connection and your mood will change. The change will be subtle; it is unlikely the object will glow for example. But if your world seems a bit lighter and brighter the object is worth keeping. If there is a feeling of dread or darkness, quickly put the object down and walk away.

A jade elephant with a raised truck is magic for many people. Jade is a lucky and protective stone that embodies both strength and beauty. It held great significance to the Mayan, Aztec, Maori, Egyptian, Indian, and Chinese people. In some cultures, jade is considered more precious than gold. In the Nether Realm it is admired as a symbol of justice, inner peace, courage, love, and balance. The elephant is known for its beauty, wisdom, power, and kindness. When the jade is lovingly carved into an elephant by an artist who possesses talent, good health, and a kind heart the result is a magical treasure with a powerful spirit. The upturned truck showers the room with beneficial and protective energy.

I keep my elephant near the front door of my condo where I work, play, and live. If someone or something that means me harm passes by the elephant, it alerts me with a trumpeting sound. It causes the evil entity to feel uneasy and unwelcome and the feeling intensifies until they leave my property.
I am not a hermit so I do leave my home to go out and about where I am not protected. There is a big world to explore and what fun is life without a little risk? But I know I am safe in my own home with the protection of my elephant, a good solid door, and a deadbolt lock. Has your magic object found you yet?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Fairy Garden Salad

Back in the Nether Realm, my mother would make Fairy Garden Salad for the first time each year for the May Day celebration. She would gather the greens, berries, nuts or seeds, and herbs from the Enchantra Forest where we lived.  The fairies always picked and delivered the flowers to provide the finishing touches. For May Day and for the rest of the celebrations in the summer, we had this wonderful fresh, healthy, and delicious salad. We always made extra to leave outside to repay the fairies for their contribution.  Fairies love this salad and since I am of the fey species, it is my favorite summer salad.

In this world, you do not need to search the forest for the ingredients. Most are available at your local supermarket. Make sure the flowers are edible; not all are.  I encourage you to plant a couple of pots of your own herbs and edible flowers. That way you can make sure they have not been sprayed with pesticide or insecticide.

Salad Ingredients
* About 6 cups of spring salad mix (medium size package)
* 3 cups berries (I used 1 cup each of blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries)
* ½ cup nuts or seeds (my favorite is sunflower seeds)
* Edible flowers (I used violas for the salad in the picture. Nasturtiums, rose petals, and chive blossoms are all lovely)

Dressing Ingredients
* 1 part olive oil
* 1 part lemon juice
* Squirt of liquid honey
* Small bunch of chives, chopped
* A couple of mint leaves, muddled or finely chopped

Invite your friends over, put on some happy music with a lot of percussion and shake your mystical booty. Put all salad ingredients in a bowl. Toss the ingredients and flip your hair or flip the ingredients and toss your hair.  Either way works.  Mix dressing ingredients together while dancing.  Feel free to use your dressing bottle as a maraca.  Dressing is best left to sit for a bit to mingle the flavors. So in the meantime mingle with your friends. 

Add dressing just before serving. This salad is lovely with a toasted croissant, a wedge of warmed brie cheese, and a glass of ice cold sangria.  Fun, friends and fresh salad, what could be a more fabulous feast?

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Siren Shoutouts and Shell-collecting Sages

Artwork provided by
Because I am going to Vancouver Island at the end of July, I wanted to make a shout out to the Siren Clan.   I am hoping to visit an old friend who lives in Tofino.  A mermaid named Odessa who has lived there for 20-odd years.  She loves it there and makes a decent enough living.  She sells seashells by the sea shore.  I mean seriously!  What better job for a mermaid right?

Anyway, merpeople are one of many who belong to the Siren Clan.  This clan includes the selkies, kelpies, the sirens themselves and many more.  They are a group of sea mystics who not only provide us with beautiful music but ensure our safety in the water.  Everything about this particular clan revolves around water in one way or another. They are forever drawn to it and will never be far from it. 

These beings are very talented in whatever they choose to do with their lives.  Any chance encounter you have with them will make your life richer.  I know what you are thinking.  Don't they cause ships to sink and drown sailors?  The answer to that is not exactly.  What happened was these sailors sailed into a mermaid cove.  When they launched their harpoons at the mermaids, they caused alot of damage to the mermaid's homes and to the mermaids themselves.  I was told that these men thought that they were ordinary fish (big mistake).

So what do the mermaids do?  They attack these sailors to defend themselves and their homes.  Does this sound unreasonable?  After this incident, the mermaids had to leave and find an new place to call home.  Luckily, it is not hard for the merpeople to migrate.  They found many nice places where sailors, pirates, and pretty much anything involving a ship doesn't bother them.

Most of the siren clan are very gentle creatures and this includes mermaids.  They have very beautiful voices.  They all sing different kinds of songs depending on their own taste in music.  I have a feeling that our biggest singing sensation, Euterpe (Yes, the muse of music), has a hand in it.  She is an excellent teacher.  So are the sirens.  I will never forget the advice Odessa gave me.

  1. Get your butt down to the beach
  2. You don't need to be 100% shore of yourself when it comes to your heart.  Take a risk
  3. Never get tide down to someone or something that is not right for you
  4. Don't just make small waves, make tidal waves.
  5. Pier pressure should be avoided.  Learn to be comfortable in your own shell
  6. Sea life's beauty in everything that you encounter.
  7. Keep the damn beach clean!  I live here!

 With this wise advice, I have a new perspective when it comes to all things to do with the sea.  Thanks Odessa!  I hope to see you soon.  As for the rest of you.  Is there a siren out there that you want to say hello to? 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Best way to make a Brilliant Birthday

Birthdays at any age are special days even for us (the mystics). We take special pride in the fact that we have lived another year.  Why is that?  Well like humans, we don't have it easy either.  When you are magical, everyone (mainly humans and demons) want a piece of it, thinking that power makes everything better.  Take it from me, it doesn't.  It's more responsibility and alot more to hide.  But let us not talk of that since it is a real downer and get back to the topic at hand, birthdays

"Always see every day as a chance to start afresh and make it count by living it as if it is your last."

This is a mantra or prayer that we of the Fey Clan wish upon every baby born.  On the day of a newborn baby's birth we (fairies) always whisper it into the baby's ears.  By doing this, we hope that these children (no matter from what clan) will lead happy and healthy lives.  Birthdays are often the days that where we truly live like that.  It's in all of us.   Here is what I did with mine. 

First, I went to an indoor trampoline park.  That was alot of fun.  I can't remember the first time tried one of those.  I can assure you it wasn't yesterday.  Second, I had the world's best ice cream from the Village, (of course).  I had their newest chocolate flavor called oaxacan chili chocolate.  It is creamy chocolate with a good KICK!  I recommend it to anyone who likes sweet and spicy. (See my previous post about The Village:

The third and final thing I did for my day was have dinner with some great friends.  These are human friends this time.  We ate pub food and drank beer.  It was alot of fun.  I am more of a wine person to be honest but that doesn't change the fact that it was the best night ever!  Good friends who care for you and love you for who you are is something to be grateful for.  No they do not know I am a fairy but I think they suspect something

Later, I'm expecting a visit from family, they are crossing over into this world just to celebrate my birthday with me. I am very grateful for them as well.  A good family is the best treasure anyone can have.  They are precious and irreplaceable just like our birthdays.  So celebrate them my friends.  You never know if you will ever have another one.      

Monday, July 6, 2015

Ted 2

I have recently seen the movie "Ted 2".  There was slapstick comedy, gross out scenes and downright nasty jokes.   All of which I am a huge fan of.  Like its predescessor it was both wickedly funny and strangely heartwarming.  It provides a message about how important it is to have that kind of true friendship no matter how it came to be. 

Both of these movies explore the relationship between John Bennett (played by Mark Walberg) and his stuffed bear (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) that magically comes to life.  As a child, John makes a special Christmas wish for his bear to be alive and be his friend for real.  Christmas wishes are very strong but that is just not something that happens in this world.  Because it did, this bear was famous for a time.  John being eternally grateful has Ted in his life all the way up to his adulthood.  This is where the real story hits. 

John is a little more mild but Ted turns into a hard-drinking, sex-crazed party animal.  And that was just in the first Ted.  In Ted 2, this bear decides to settle down with his trailer trash tramp of a girlfriend (played by Jessica Barth).  They get married and decide that they want to have a baby.  There is a problem though and it's not just because of his lack of reproductive organs (honestly I thought they would play with that more).  Ted is not considered a real person.  He and his friends fight this.  He like anyone else has thoughts, feelings and a soul.  That is what they are trying to prove.

They go through alot of trouble to do this and I can not reveal the outcome of it.  Besides, they should just come to the Nether Realm.  Toys with spirits in them are considered people just like everyother mythical creature.  They contribute to our society and very well at that.

Ted doesn't contribute to society though.  In fact, his favorite pastime is smoking grass if not screaming obscenities at everyone.  Yes he is fun to watch.  Frankly, I think it is rather comforting to know that there is a possessed teddy bear out there that happens to be a foul-mouthed drug abuser who is fiercly loyal to all those he loves.  Sounds pretty human to me and even if he isn't, he's pretty damn close.   

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Independence Day!!!

This is a small tribute to all my friends in the United States.  Happy Independence Day to all of you down there.  I hope you will enjoy your day as I have enjoyed our day here in Canada.  All the festivities, the music and the food made the day.  I'd like to know what you all do on your fabulous day.  I hear about it on TV and Wikipedia but I would like a first hand account from you (my readers).  What do you like to do on your nation's special day?

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy Canada Day!!!

Well fellow Canadians, we made it through 148 years and we will make it for even longer.  This I know.  You know it's funny.  This country and I are the same age so I will never forget how old I am.  This is the luck of being a fairy.  Today, there are alot of things going on here in Calgary.   I will take you through what I did on this extraordinarily wonderful day. 

My first trip is to Olympic Plaza.  There, I am greeted with a free BBQ (all meat unfortunately for me), a huge stage with some country music singers singing Canadian songs and photo booths aplenty.  It is entertaining but I could not help but walk down Stephan Avenue.  There I found an outdoor market where, they had a little bit of everything including some sweet little fairy brooches.  Yes, I bought them.  I couldn't resist.  It's nice to have a small reminder of my wings.  I loved the street performers.  There was a woman who played rock and roll on a violin, some young break-dancing gentlemen who had some amazing moves and some jazz dancers who gave out alot of enthusiasm for what they did. 

After such a fun experience, I decided that I needed something to eat.  Knowing that there were going to be food trucks at Prince Island Park, I headed towards Eau Claire Market.  I walked inside the oh-so-nicely air conditioned market and saw a crowd gathered around a juggler.  He was impressive too and the kids loved him.  It's amazing the skills that these jugglers have, isn't it?  Anyway, I go back outside and do some more exploring. I search for the right food truck to satisfy my need for food.  I finally find it across the bridge.  I get this giant pineapple with a pineapple smoothie inside.  Confused?  Don't worry it's easily explained by the picture.  I also get a wood-fired vegetarian pizza which I take over to a stage and watch our Native Canadians preform a dance which symbolizes friendship.

With all this under my belt I decided to go get an ice cream and call it quits.  I wanted to get some energy in for the firework show (which I can watch from my building).  And it is stellar!  Unfortunately all the pictures I got of them were terrible so I can't share it with you my lovely audience.  I can assure you, however that they are spectacular and a show like that shouldn't be missed.

Oh yes, this is what I did but for all of you who want to check it out again next year, here is what I suggest.  Go to Fort Calgary, get a free breakfast and visit the petting zoo.  These animals are precious.  Also go to the East Village around 7:00 PM and see the performance show.  I hear it's excellent.  I wanted to go but I'm a fairy not an alien.  I can't be in two places at once.  So everyone.  I hope you enjoyed our nation's birthday.  I sure did.  How did the rest of you celebrate our or your nation's holiday?