Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Best way to make a Brilliant Birthday

Birthdays at any age are special days even for us (the mystics). We take special pride in the fact that we have lived another year.  Why is that?  Well like humans, we don't have it easy either.  When you are magical, everyone (mainly humans and demons) want a piece of it, thinking that power makes everything better.  Take it from me, it doesn't.  It's more responsibility and alot more to hide.  But let us not talk of that since it is a real downer and get back to the topic at hand, birthdays

"Always see every day as a chance to start afresh and make it count by living it as if it is your last."

This is a mantra or prayer that we of the Fey Clan wish upon every baby born.  On the day of a newborn baby's birth we (fairies) always whisper it into the baby's ears.  By doing this, we hope that these children (no matter from what clan) will lead happy and healthy lives.  Birthdays are often the days that where we truly live like that.  It's in all of us.   Here is what I did with mine. 

First, I went to an indoor trampoline park.  That was alot of fun.  I can't remember the first time tried one of those.  I can assure you it wasn't yesterday.  Second, I had the world's best ice cream from the Village, (of course).  I had their newest chocolate flavor called oaxacan chili chocolate.  It is creamy chocolate with a good KICK!  I recommend it to anyone who likes sweet and spicy. (See my previous post about The Village:

The third and final thing I did for my day was have dinner with some great friends.  These are human friends this time.  We ate pub food and drank beer.  It was alot of fun.  I am more of a wine person to be honest but that doesn't change the fact that it was the best night ever!  Good friends who care for you and love you for who you are is something to be grateful for.  No they do not know I am a fairy but I think they suspect something

Later, I'm expecting a visit from family, they are crossing over into this world just to celebrate my birthday with me. I am very grateful for them as well.  A good family is the best treasure anyone can have.  They are precious and irreplaceable just like our birthdays.  So celebrate them my friends.  You never know if you will ever have another one.      

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