Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Jade Elephant

There are many marvelous and mysterious things in the world that have magical powers. Many people ask me:  “How do you find a magical object? How do you know it is magic? How do you find out what powers it has?”  If an object comes to you by some strange coincidence or odd circumstance, chances are it has found you. It is magical for you and you alone. As soon as you hold it, you will feel a connection and your mood will change. The change will be subtle; it is unlikely the object will glow for example. But if your world seems a bit lighter and brighter the object is worth keeping. If there is a feeling of dread or darkness, quickly put the object down and walk away.

A jade elephant with a raised truck is magic for many people. Jade is a lucky and protective stone that embodies both strength and beauty. It held great significance to the Mayan, Aztec, Maori, Egyptian, Indian, and Chinese people. In some cultures, jade is considered more precious than gold. In the Nether Realm it is admired as a symbol of justice, inner peace, courage, love, and balance. The elephant is known for its beauty, wisdom, power, and kindness. When the jade is lovingly carved into an elephant by an artist who possesses talent, good health, and a kind heart the result is a magical treasure with a powerful spirit. The upturned truck showers the room with beneficial and protective energy.

I keep my elephant near the front door of my condo where I work, play, and live. If someone or something that means me harm passes by the elephant, it alerts me with a trumpeting sound. It causes the evil entity to feel uneasy and unwelcome and the feeling intensifies until they leave my property.
I am not a hermit so I do leave my home to go out and about where I am not protected. There is a big world to explore and what fun is life without a little risk? But I know I am safe in my own home with the protection of my elephant, a good solid door, and a deadbolt lock. Has your magic object found you yet?

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