Thursday, July 30, 2015

What Those Wily Wildflowers Can Do For You

Photo by Kenneth Fung
In my opinion, the best flowers are wildflowers.  Wildflowers are a rainbow of colours that bring us both surprises and magic.   They hold the purest of all light magic because they are free and untouched by any negative being.  In fact, they often repel evil forces and attract all the good ones.  But keep in mind that they're magic can be very unpredictable.  Still for that reason, they are a favourite of mine and many other mystics. 

Photo donated by a woman named Debbie
These plants can do many great and unexpected things but the is best of what they can do is grant wishes.  However, they can't do this alone, they need a little help from a crystal.  Not just any crystals though.  You have to get a specific crystal to do a specific wish.  Crystals have always been used like beacons for manifestation by the Mystics.  Here are five examples of what crystals to use.

  1. Clear quartz - is to be used if you want to learn something new or expel something negative. 
  2. Citrine - is for money, success or prosperity related wishes.
  3. Rose quartz - is for when your wishes have to do with love.
  4. Green aventurine - is best for when it comes to health related wishes
  5. Amethyst - is to be used if you want to know something about the future.
To make your wish, here's what you have do.  Find a wild patch out in the wilderness or grow a wildflower garden of your own (which is even better).  Put your crystal between your hands in a prayer position and meditate for ten minutes on your wish.  Gently place your crystal pointing up to the sky in the centre of the garden.  Breath in the cool, crisp, clean air as you keep your wish on your mind.  Imagine that you have your wish as you leave your crystal there.  Be patient and before you know it, your wish will come with a whoosh. 

When your wish comes true you can retrieve your stone. If you find that it is gone then it means that you had some help and they needed to keep that crystal.  If it is still there then all you needed was your own faith and trust in yourself.
Photo by Kenneth Fung

WARNINGS : Watch out for weeds.  They often create obstacles.  It doesn't mean he won't get your wish it will just take more time.  Keep your distance from all poisonous plants.  Harm to yourself is harm to your wish.

Have you made your wish yet?

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