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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Need a Boost?

Everyone has a vice or are in need of some kind of pick-me-up.  I find the best way to get that much needed boost in this world is to eat some really really good chocolate.  Yes.  I know that many creatures whether you are fey, siren or any creature for that matter who has a need for such a pleasurable treat reaches out for this wonderful concoction.  I'm sure you all have guessed that humans use chocolate the same way as we do however they don't use it as a medicine that we do from time to time.  There are still many benefits to chocolate that makes it both good for us and the humans.

  1. It gives us a healthy heart:  Most of the credit for this goes to the flavonoids and antioxidant compounds that increase the flexibility of our blood vessels.
  2. Help with weight loss:  Now with everything this is all in moderation nothing that one should binge in.  You also still have to exercise too.
  3. Makes you happy:  Chocolate releases our endorphins in our bodies and that is what picks ups our moods.
  4. /Could prevent saccharo morbo (or Diabetes in a human's case):  Doctors and Wizards have experimented with this item for many a millennia and have found that the flavoids will increase nitric oxide production and therefore reduce sugar intolerance.
  5. Reduces Stress:  This is for the same reason why it makes you happy.
  6. Sun Protection:  Good for the vampires and other nightly creatures. Eating chocolate with high levels of flavanols helps to develop a sun-protecting prowess.  Although I will say it develops faster on us than the humans. (That's why many undead will ask for this)
  7. You get smarter: That's right.  If you have a project that is just driving you crazy, grab a chocolate bar because it helps you focus, gives you energy and boosts your brain power
  8. Cures your coughs: Because of the theobromine it contains chocolate has a feel good power to it.  So if you ever hear of the drug codeine that they have here in the realm, it has the same if not better effects than this.  (This doesn't mean if your doctor has given you this, that you are not supposed to take it.  Despite chocolate's benefits it does not replace medicine.  Not in this world anyway)
  9.  Relief of diarrhea: Yes this has been used in both worlds for this reason.  Since the 16th century we have treated stomach problems with cocoa.  cocoa flavonoids work with a protein that regulates fluid secretion in the small intestine.  So it helps.
 So there you have it.  Chocolate is a damn good thing to have whether its a hard day, a celebration or because you just feel like it.  Remember that you must follow the advice of your doctor.  Unfortunately chocolate can not cure the hard diseases in this world. But luckily, it does help with everything else and it seems to make the world a really wonderful place.  That's the beauty of it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Greatest Ice Cubes EVER!!!!

Everyone wants a good cold drink.  But there is a way you can turn a good cold drink into a great one.  Here's the latest "Scoop." 

  1. Cut up some lemons,
  2. put them in a muffin tin,
  3. Pour some water on them
  4. stick them in the ice box for an hour or so
  5. Put the ice cubes in your drink and enjoy
So here is what these yummy cubes look like but feel free to change it up as much as you want.

Note:  To all of those who controlled water, ice, etc in the Netherworld, please remember that in this world you can't do that.  If you try it just gives you a headache.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Must Needed Fashion Staples

Now as you all have noticed the fashion here in this realm is very different from ours.  So here are some staples I think will help you out a lot.  Quite frankly I can't see anyone in this world functioning without these five pieces.

  1. Have a really nice T-shirt.  These are often great conversation starters and they can be very versatile.  Good for almost any situation.
  2. Get a Rainbow skirt.  It's true that this is my preference but everyone especially us deserve something a little fun and unique.  Plus it makes you more approachable. 
  3. Have a really good pair of Jeans  Now this is a must for everybody.  A good pair of jeans are like treasure.  They are hard to find but when you find them, they last you for a very long time and they are more useful than you ever dreamed of.
  4. A Decent set of running shoes will be more than handy.  If you are ever in a jam or in a hurry, these things on your feet will get you where you will need to go and they will allow you to do some pretty awesome things, like long distance jumping for example.  Whatever your needs these will help.
  5. For all you business types, make sure you have a decent pressed set of black trousers.  People will take you more seriously here if they see you in a good clean pair of business pants.

So there, you see.  If you don't have any of these things, I recommend you go out an buy some immediately.  You won't have to spend a lot of money, just take a little time, make sure everything fits the way it should and you will get along in this world just fine.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Spa Day


Need a day of Luxury?  Try going to Oasis Wellness Center and Spa.  It's a nice place resembling that of the ancient pyramids of Egypt.  My companion and I were taken to the locker rooms where we were given robes, slippers and a locker to put in all of our clothes.  Now this does not just serve as a locker room.  It's also the bathroom, a dry heat sauna and a steam room.  So it is a large room and a nice room that doesn't have too many fancy-shmancy stuff.

We are then taken to the waiting area.  In this place, the Egyptan theme really shows itself.  Cushions, lounge chairs and sofas to rest while you wait are everywhere.  You can have an apple if you are feeling hungry and water flavored with lemons or cucumber if you are feeling thirsty.  What's really interesting?  The variety of tea that you can have while you wait.  They had quite the assortment from cinnamon chai, fruity herbal tea and green tea. 

Feeling the need for something cold, I selected just the cold fresh water and it was lovely.  It wasn't long before we were whisked away to the pedicure room.  It is a tiny room and it had water spots but there is no help for that.  The whole experience was very blissful.  The water was the perfect temperature, the sea salt scrub and leg massage left you feeling wonderful and lets not forget the rainbow of colors you can paint your toes with.  We went for the paraffin which was lavender scented and that was my favorite part.  Now that is how you make your feet fabulous.  Just one thing though.  Don't use the massage chairs, they're not as relaxing as they sound.

Now it's back to the waiting area, where we are waiting for our facials.  Which was not very long.  So now it is another small room where again it's not about the d├ęcor but what is done.  The facial was very nice.  I have no complaints about that except when they covered my nose and started picking at certain parts of my face.  That can be a typical facial though.
After it is all done though, you do feel fresh and fabulous.  It was a nice experience.  I like the Egyptain look of the place, the fact that you can have some beverages and food while you wait.  The girls who worked on us were friendly and good at what they did.   I didn't like the massage chairs and they are really pricey but the experience was good.  I can't come back on the six week mark like they would like me to but a couple times a year for a treat.  I would recommend it. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sushi anyone?

There is a great gem here in Calgary.  A lovely little sushi place called Kinjos.  This place is a pescetarian paradise.  That's right I'm talking to all of those in the siren clan.  All you mermaids, selkies, nixes, and yes even you lovely Sirins can come here and enjoy your favorite raw fish. 

Now don't get me wrong, any meat eating creature will enjoy what this place has to offer.  It is only fish but its fresh and you have a variety.  Any self-respecting meat eater will tell you that no sushi tastes the same. 

Fear not vegetarian creatures.  You have many options here and they are so good its not even funny. That is why I love it here so much.  It has something for everybody. 

This place is unique in that when you order your food you can either take it from the floating boats (only if you are sitting at the bar) and as much as you like or you are given a menu sheet that you can order from (I recommend this to the vegetarians because on the buffet boats there is no guarantee). 

Then there are the people.  They are fun, fabulous and they are happy to make your time there a great one.  There is this one waiter there who is a real sport.  I asked him "What do you offer for you're friendly neighborhood vegetarian?"  He replyed playfully, "Oh well, a kiss."  He didn't of course but it was a funny little interlude.  The service is fast.  Everything I asked for, I got in what seemed like minutes.  And after you left, believe me you did not leave hungry.  You will not want to eat for the rest of the day.

Here's my journey through all of it.  I decided to order on my menu sheet; the Inari (Bean Cake), Tamago (Egg), and The Vegetable Roll. 


Each bite was unusual, unique and oh so yummy.  To finish all of this loveliness?  Free Pocky's.  These cookie sticks that have been coated in certain flavors of cream.  These are quite lovely and tasty too.  So all in all.  Great experience, wonderful food and the people are fun to be around.  Even the atmosphere gave off an authentic Japanese vibe.  So check it out!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Have a Wish?

Everyone always has something to wish for whether your a werewolf, vampire, fairy, or hell even a human.  We all have at least one.  Back in our world as some of you know, one way to help make your wish come true is to do this:

Write your wish on a bay leaf (a good recommendation is to write it with a silver sharpy pen) and burn it.  The smoke is said to whisper to the universe, asking to accommodate your wish. 

I'm not quite sure why it has to be a bay leaf.  I think it has to do with Apollo's pursuit of Daphne and the fact that she was turned into a bay laurel tree has something to do with it. 

My theory is that Apollo still pines for her and wishes for her everyday.  I mean lets face it people!  He keeps some of her leaves on his harp and makes a crown out of them.  I would like to ask him one day, if he ever wants to talk to me about it.  Perhaps that's why it works because he wants others to have their wishes since he can't have his.  

Anyway, if you have a wish that you really need granted, a good way is by bay leaf.  But make your wishes count everyone for they are indeed precious.

 IMPORTANT NOTE: Select your bay leaves carefully since they can be poisonous.  I would just get it from a grocery store to be honest with you. 


Thursday, January 15, 2015

A beautiful quote


I'd like to share a quote with you all.

"All good things are wild and free" - Henry David Thomas

When he said this.  I think he was talking about us.  It always reminds me of how we live in the Netherworld.  All the joy, the dancing, the magic and the people.  How we live our everyday lives in that world.  It's easy to miss but at the same time you appreciate how this world is recognizing the good things in life as well. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Calling all Archers!!!!!

Here's a sport I know you all want to see more of whether its in this world or the next.  ARCHERY.   that's right.  You can never go wrong with it and there is a great place to go if you ever feel the need to shoot the crap out something.  Check this place out:

Jim Bow's
620 46 Avenue Northeast,
Calgary, AB
T2E 8M9

This place is all about archery.  So any elves, fairies, or hell any being who is good with a bow and arrow can come have some fun.  They provide everything if you don't have any equipment of your own.  The best part is if you don't have your own equipment, you can just buy it there.  (Make sure you have the right amount $$.  It's not so fun to be in jail you know.)  This place is a good place to practice your shooting and if you need any information about any competitions or anything to do with archery in this world, ask the owner Jim.  He'll help you out.


Monday, January 12, 2015

Need a release? Dance!!

One thing the human race has down to a science is dancing.  To them it is an art form, a way to stay in shape, and to have fun.  So just like us, in other words. 

Sometimes you feel like you are closed in especially when the weather goes on the frizz and you can't do anything about it.  Or you are a little homesick and miss expressing yourself in that special way you can back in the Nether Realm.  Well the cure for that...Oh yes, dancing.

It is something you can do anywhere but I should warn you that if you do it in a public place, put a hat down so people don't call the men in white to put you away.  So if they will think you are a street performer you might make a little cash... if your good that is. 

If you are looking for something specific such as contemporary or ballroom dancing, I recommend going to a place called:

Dance Energy
1305 33 Street Northeast, Calgary, AB T2A 5P1
(403) 253-6977
You will surely find what you are looking for there.
But if you are just looking to have fun and maybe even meet some people.  Try a Zumba Class. 
I found that to be a favorite amongst the Mystics.  The music reminded them of home, for some it
was like being back in their tribe, and it brought back some positive emotions.  You can find Zumba
classes just about anywhere it all depends on your budgets. 
Is that all?  No.  More will come on this topic I promise you that.  But in the mean time my magical friends

Friday, January 9, 2015

Dedication to the Fae Clan

I'd like to take this time to let a shout out to the Fae Clan.  Hi there my flighty darlings.  I miss you all. 

Now as you all know the Faye Clan is consisted of fairies, nymphs, pixies, sprites and brownies.  Just to name a few but there are in fact several different types.  I'd be here for a million years to just describe them all but I'll just give you the general low-down. 

These creatures are very in tune with nature and often have to ability to fly or at least travel great distances in a short period time.  These creatures are very beautiful, fun-loving and the most free spirited out of all the clans.  They can be quite innocent, pure of heart and playful.  When you are in good with this clan, they will be devoted, kind and do good things for you.  If not they tend to be mischevious, and can wreak some nasty havoc on you.  

So Be Nice!!!


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hungry Desert? Go to EggsOasis

Now lets not forget that breakfast is the most important meal of the day even to the immortal mystics.  And sometimes instead of cooking it yourself, you'll want to go out.  I recommend EggsOasis.  It has some wonderful selections.  Such as;
Oasis Benedict with Mushrooms
This dish is perfect for all of the clans who have a vegetarian diet like fairies, and elves for example.  You will notice that there is asparagus, tomatoes and mushrooms on these eggs bennies.  A divine fruit plate and the sides of flavorful potatoes to fill you up.  Very flavorful and very nourishing.

Then there's the Double Bite Breakfast
This one is very good for the giant, warrior or werewolf in your life.  You can get a lot of meat for this and it is a huge dish but don't eat it too fast.  You want to savor all that you eat.

Now this is called the Two Eggs Breakfast
This is probably for the lighter fare.  Namely beings of the Siren clan  or smaller Faye like the pixies.  Fruit, eggs and of course the potatoes.  Very nice to have if your not as hungry as you thought or just have a smaller appetite.

Unfortunately, this restaurant isn't very vampire friendly but they do have a wonderful juice bar and smoothie options for the unquenchable thirst. And they do have tomato juice so that's something at least.

There you have it folks.  When you want a really good breakfast and desire to stay in good health go to EggsOasis.  You'll get nothing less than the best. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The lost art

Hi there!  Feeling homesick?  Missing all the best sports of your realm?  Well fear not.  Here in the Earth Realm you can still enjoy things like archery, sword-fighting and yes even... KNIFE-THROWING.  I just got my own special knives for the great sport.  Check them out.
Special grade, blessed by a catholic priest, silver lined and can penetrate any creature summoned by black magic.  Now you have to understand that these things don't work the same way in this realm but they are still good to have. 

Unfortuneatly the art of knife-throwing is a lost art here but there are many enthusiasts who like to practice every so often.  You can't expect them to be right outside your door.  You have to find them.  The internet helps but even it has it's limits.  Talk to people, ask the right questions and you will surely find what you are looking for. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Forbidden Fruit Potion

Everyone loves a good drink and that goes for humans too.  A great drink to impress humans and put them a lighter mood is "The Forbidden Fruit." Now as many mystics know the forbidden fruit is a potion that is sure to bring out the excitement and fun out of any living being.  Of course you can't put any magical energy from a bottle like you can in the Nether Realm but you can still make it with the same intention. 

Here's the Recipe:  This is per glass

1/2 cup of sparkling apple juice
1/2 cup of pomegranate juice
1 hibiscus flower in syrup (you can find this in any liquor store)

Very simple yes?  And if at all possible, preform a Reiki ritual on the punch bowl or the glasses if you have time.  It speeds up the process.  Don't feel like you have to but it should be noted that many humans like some form of liquor in it.  Feel free to put a shot of something in it.  (Vodka is a very good choice).  Happy Drinking and please be responsible.  Even we can't drink and drive or fly.   

Sunday, January 4, 2015

A little something about my advice

As many of you mystics know, you will find yourselves landed wherever your portals take you.  I find myself in a place called Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  That's a mouthful isn't it?  Luckily I really only have to say Calgary and people know what I am talking about. 

So just a little FYI (for your information), a lot of what I post will be based in Calgary.  I go to many parts of this Realm and will talk about them as well but it's Calgary where I'll give most of my advice.  Luckily my advice can transfer to just about anywhere.  Good day to you all.

Friday, January 2, 2015

3 Little Tips

There are 3 Things one must know in order to survive here:

  1. Keep an eye on a person's Aura.  As many of you know, the aura is that colorful force field that surrounds any human or being's body.  For Mystics its a description of their clan.  For humans it's a description of their personalities and intentions.  So pay close attention.
  2. Although you must hide your wings, fangs, etc.  Keep the wild in you.  Everyone is unique and this is true for all living beings, magical or no.  In this world you can not tell humans who or what you really are but you can be your own special selves. 
  3. Remember that magic is everywhere but here it's different.  Back in the Nether Realm and depending on what you are, often magic was easy to come by in one form or another.  In this world, however it is a little more indirect and a bit harder to recognize.  A lot of the magic here can manifest in miracles, surprises and strange circumstances.  There are many humans that don't believe in magic, so beware of who and what you talk about. 

Well there you have it folks.  If you remember just these three tips, you'll be just fine here.

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Allow me to introduce myself.  I am known only as the Oracle.  I am here to help those who have crossed from the Nether Realm into the Earth Realm.  As you all have probably guessed, this world is very different from the one that many mystics are used to.  This blog will help many adjust and blend in to this world without feeling the need to hide.

Humans are welcome here as well.  They too can learn how to live a magical life that many mystical beings (aka mystics) are used to.  Prepare for fun, frivolity and the fantastic.  With the advice from this sight you will experience wonders you have never dreamed of.