Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sushi anyone?

There is a great gem here in Calgary.  A lovely little sushi place called Kinjos.  This place is a pescetarian paradise.  That's right I'm talking to all of those in the siren clan.  All you mermaids, selkies, nixes, and yes even you lovely Sirins can come here and enjoy your favorite raw fish. 

Now don't get me wrong, any meat eating creature will enjoy what this place has to offer.  It is only fish but its fresh and you have a variety.  Any self-respecting meat eater will tell you that no sushi tastes the same. 

Fear not vegetarian creatures.  You have many options here and they are so good its not even funny. That is why I love it here so much.  It has something for everybody. 

This place is unique in that when you order your food you can either take it from the floating boats (only if you are sitting at the bar) and as much as you like or you are given a menu sheet that you can order from (I recommend this to the vegetarians because on the buffet boats there is no guarantee). 

Then there are the people.  They are fun, fabulous and they are happy to make your time there a great one.  There is this one waiter there who is a real sport.  I asked him "What do you offer for you're friendly neighborhood vegetarian?"  He replyed playfully, "Oh well, a kiss."  He didn't of course but it was a funny little interlude.  The service is fast.  Everything I asked for, I got in what seemed like minutes.  And after you left, believe me you did not leave hungry.  You will not want to eat for the rest of the day.

Here's my journey through all of it.  I decided to order on my menu sheet; the Inari (Bean Cake), Tamago (Egg), and The Vegetable Roll. 


Each bite was unusual, unique and oh so yummy.  To finish all of this loveliness?  Free Pocky's.  These cookie sticks that have been coated in certain flavors of cream.  These are quite lovely and tasty too.  So all in all.  Great experience, wonderful food and the people are fun to be around.  Even the atmosphere gave off an authentic Japanese vibe.  So check it out!

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