Thursday, January 22, 2015

Spa Day


Need a day of Luxury?  Try going to Oasis Wellness Center and Spa.  It's a nice place resembling that of the ancient pyramids of Egypt.  My companion and I were taken to the locker rooms where we were given robes, slippers and a locker to put in all of our clothes.  Now this does not just serve as a locker room.  It's also the bathroom, a dry heat sauna and a steam room.  So it is a large room and a nice room that doesn't have too many fancy-shmancy stuff.

We are then taken to the waiting area.  In this place, the Egyptan theme really shows itself.  Cushions, lounge chairs and sofas to rest while you wait are everywhere.  You can have an apple if you are feeling hungry and water flavored with lemons or cucumber if you are feeling thirsty.  What's really interesting?  The variety of tea that you can have while you wait.  They had quite the assortment from cinnamon chai, fruity herbal tea and green tea. 

Feeling the need for something cold, I selected just the cold fresh water and it was lovely.  It wasn't long before we were whisked away to the pedicure room.  It is a tiny room and it had water spots but there is no help for that.  The whole experience was very blissful.  The water was the perfect temperature, the sea salt scrub and leg massage left you feeling wonderful and lets not forget the rainbow of colors you can paint your toes with.  We went for the paraffin which was lavender scented and that was my favorite part.  Now that is how you make your feet fabulous.  Just one thing though.  Don't use the massage chairs, they're not as relaxing as they sound.

Now it's back to the waiting area, where we are waiting for our facials.  Which was not very long.  So now it is another small room where again it's not about the décor but what is done.  The facial was very nice.  I have no complaints about that except when they covered my nose and started picking at certain parts of my face.  That can be a typical facial though.
After it is all done though, you do feel fresh and fabulous.  It was a nice experience.  I like the Egyptain look of the place, the fact that you can have some beverages and food while you wait.  The girls who worked on us were friendly and good at what they did.   I didn't like the massage chairs and they are really pricey but the experience was good.  I can't come back on the six week mark like they would like me to but a couple times a year for a treat.  I would recommend it. 

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