Friday, January 9, 2015

Dedication to the Fae Clan

I'd like to take this time to let a shout out to the Fae Clan.  Hi there my flighty darlings.  I miss you all. 

Now as you all know the Faye Clan is consisted of fairies, nymphs, pixies, sprites and brownies.  Just to name a few but there are in fact several different types.  I'd be here for a million years to just describe them all but I'll just give you the general low-down. 

These creatures are very in tune with nature and often have to ability to fly or at least travel great distances in a short period time.  These creatures are very beautiful, fun-loving and the most free spirited out of all the clans.  They can be quite innocent, pure of heart and playful.  When you are in good with this clan, they will be devoted, kind and do good things for you.  If not they tend to be mischevious, and can wreak some nasty havoc on you.  

So Be Nice!!!


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