Saturday, January 31, 2015

Need a Boost?

Everyone has a vice or are in need of some kind of pick-me-up.  I find the best way to get that much needed boost in this world is to eat some really really good chocolate.  Yes.  I know that many creatures whether you are fey, siren or any creature for that matter who has a need for such a pleasurable treat reaches out for this wonderful concoction.  I'm sure you all have guessed that humans use chocolate the same way as we do however they don't use it as a medicine that we do from time to time.  There are still many benefits to chocolate that makes it both good for us and the humans.

  1. It gives us a healthy heart:  Most of the credit for this goes to the flavonoids and antioxidant compounds that increase the flexibility of our blood vessels.
  2. Help with weight loss:  Now with everything this is all in moderation nothing that one should binge in.  You also still have to exercise too.
  3. Makes you happy:  Chocolate releases our endorphins in our bodies and that is what picks ups our moods.
  4. /Could prevent saccharo morbo (or Diabetes in a human's case):  Doctors and Wizards have experimented with this item for many a millennia and have found that the flavoids will increase nitric oxide production and therefore reduce sugar intolerance.
  5. Reduces Stress:  This is for the same reason why it makes you happy.
  6. Sun Protection:  Good for the vampires and other nightly creatures. Eating chocolate with high levels of flavanols helps to develop a sun-protecting prowess.  Although I will say it develops faster on us than the humans. (That's why many undead will ask for this)
  7. You get smarter: That's right.  If you have a project that is just driving you crazy, grab a chocolate bar because it helps you focus, gives you energy and boosts your brain power
  8. Cures your coughs: Because of the theobromine it contains chocolate has a feel good power to it.  So if you ever hear of the drug codeine that they have here in the realm, it has the same if not better effects than this.  (This doesn't mean if your doctor has given you this, that you are not supposed to take it.  Despite chocolate's benefits it does not replace medicine.  Not in this world anyway)
  9.  Relief of diarrhea: Yes this has been used in both worlds for this reason.  Since the 16th century we have treated stomach problems with cocoa.  cocoa flavonoids work with a protein that regulates fluid secretion in the small intestine.  So it helps.
 So there you have it.  Chocolate is a damn good thing to have whether its a hard day, a celebration or because you just feel like it.  Remember that you must follow the advice of your doctor.  Unfortunately chocolate can not cure the hard diseases in this world. But luckily, it does help with everything else and it seems to make the world a really wonderful place.  That's the beauty of it.

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