Sunday, January 25, 2015

Must Needed Fashion Staples

Now as you all have noticed the fashion here in this realm is very different from ours.  So here are some staples I think will help you out a lot.  Quite frankly I can't see anyone in this world functioning without these five pieces.

  1. Have a really nice T-shirt.  These are often great conversation starters and they can be very versatile.  Good for almost any situation.
  2. Get a Rainbow skirt.  It's true that this is my preference but everyone especially us deserve something a little fun and unique.  Plus it makes you more approachable. 
  3. Have a really good pair of Jeans  Now this is a must for everybody.  A good pair of jeans are like treasure.  They are hard to find but when you find them, they last you for a very long time and they are more useful than you ever dreamed of.
  4. A Decent set of running shoes will be more than handy.  If you are ever in a jam or in a hurry, these things on your feet will get you where you will need to go and they will allow you to do some pretty awesome things, like long distance jumping for example.  Whatever your needs these will help.
  5. For all you business types, make sure you have a decent pressed set of black trousers.  People will take you more seriously here if they see you in a good clean pair of business pants.

So there, you see.  If you don't have any of these things, I recommend you go out an buy some immediately.  You won't have to spend a lot of money, just take a little time, make sure everything fits the way it should and you will get along in this world just fine.

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