Friday, January 2, 2015

3 Little Tips

There are 3 Things one must know in order to survive here:

  1. Keep an eye on a person's Aura.  As many of you know, the aura is that colorful force field that surrounds any human or being's body.  For Mystics its a description of their clan.  For humans it's a description of their personalities and intentions.  So pay close attention.
  2. Although you must hide your wings, fangs, etc.  Keep the wild in you.  Everyone is unique and this is true for all living beings, magical or no.  In this world you can not tell humans who or what you really are but you can be your own special selves. 
  3. Remember that magic is everywhere but here it's different.  Back in the Nether Realm and depending on what you are, often magic was easy to come by in one form or another.  In this world, however it is a little more indirect and a bit harder to recognize.  A lot of the magic here can manifest in miracles, surprises and strange circumstances.  There are many humans that don't believe in magic, so beware of who and what you talk about. 

Well there you have it folks.  If you remember just these three tips, you'll be just fine here.

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