Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hungry Desert? Go to EggsOasis

Now lets not forget that breakfast is the most important meal of the day even to the immortal mystics.  And sometimes instead of cooking it yourself, you'll want to go out.  I recommend EggsOasis.  It has some wonderful selections.  Such as;
Oasis Benedict with Mushrooms
This dish is perfect for all of the clans who have a vegetarian diet like fairies, and elves for example.  You will notice that there is asparagus, tomatoes and mushrooms on these eggs bennies.  A divine fruit plate and the sides of flavorful potatoes to fill you up.  Very flavorful and very nourishing.

Then there's the Double Bite Breakfast
This one is very good for the giant, warrior or werewolf in your life.  You can get a lot of meat for this and it is a huge dish but don't eat it too fast.  You want to savor all that you eat.

Now this is called the Two Eggs Breakfast
This is probably for the lighter fare.  Namely beings of the Siren clan  or smaller Faye like the pixies.  Fruit, eggs and of course the potatoes.  Very nice to have if your not as hungry as you thought or just have a smaller appetite.

Unfortunately, this restaurant isn't very vampire friendly but they do have a wonderful juice bar and smoothie options for the unquenchable thirst. And they do have tomato juice so that's something at least.

There you have it folks.  When you want a really good breakfast and desire to stay in good health go to EggsOasis.  You'll get nothing less than the best. 

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