Monday, January 5, 2015

Forbidden Fruit Potion

Everyone loves a good drink and that goes for humans too.  A great drink to impress humans and put them a lighter mood is "The Forbidden Fruit." Now as many mystics know the forbidden fruit is a potion that is sure to bring out the excitement and fun out of any living being.  Of course you can't put any magical energy from a bottle like you can in the Nether Realm but you can still make it with the same intention. 

Here's the Recipe:  This is per glass

1/2 cup of sparkling apple juice
1/2 cup of pomegranate juice
1 hibiscus flower in syrup (you can find this in any liquor store)

Very simple yes?  And if at all possible, preform a Reiki ritual on the punch bowl or the glasses if you have time.  It speeds up the process.  Don't feel like you have to but it should be noted that many humans like some form of liquor in it.  Feel free to put a shot of something in it.  (Vodka is a very good choice).  Happy Drinking and please be responsible.  Even we can't drink and drive or fly.   

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