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Dragon Riders

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Did you know there are people the Nether Realm who make a living by riding dragons? Dragon riders provide a form of delivery service and transportation. Much like the pony express or an airplane in the Earth Realm. However, even well trained dragons are not as tame as horses and they certainly are not machines. Dragons are a little tougher to handle. Sometimes they get spooked or edgy or restless or even amorous. There are different types of dragons and some will shoot fire, some will shoot ice, and some will shoot lightening.  All will slash with their tails, claw with their feet, and bite with their gigantic teeth.

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Dragon riders are well trained and wear protective equipment (the dragon amulet for example). Handling an agitated dragon can be challenging and sometimes dangerous. Now don’t get me wrong.  A dragon would never intentionally harm its rider. It is amazing to see how protective the dragon is of the rider. It strongly resembles a parent/child relationship. However, accidents do happen.

To protect themselves and their dragons, riders will sometimes prepare a special calming potion.  It is a mixture of snap dragon flowers, green dragon leaves, the peel of a kumquat, and the bark or flowers of the moringa tree, mixed with morning dew and stirred with a bamboo stalk. The potion is instantly effective when the dragon smells it.  So the potion does last for a long time. It is quite a lot of work to collect the ingredients and prepared the potion but it is much easier than dealing with an unhappy dragon.
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When I was writing my thesis on the stresses of dragon handling I met Haroon, a very experienced rider, and his dragon, Nega. We developed a strong friendship and Haroon has allowed me to accompany him on several journeys. The best part of the trip is the flying. Flying is fun and thrilling and quite unlike anything I have experienced in the Earth Realm. It is not a carnival ride but more like parasailing or hang gliding.  You could try that to get a similar experience.

If you get agitated and there is a chance you could hurt yourself or others with your words or deeds, you may want to try a calming potion.  The best calming essential oils include: lavender, camomile, rose, sandalwood, and frankinscenceA mint scent of any kind works well for me.  Have you tried aromatherapy yet?

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