Monday, July 6, 2015

Ted 2

I have recently seen the movie "Ted 2".  There was slapstick comedy, gross out scenes and downright nasty jokes.   All of which I am a huge fan of.  Like its predescessor it was both wickedly funny and strangely heartwarming.  It provides a message about how important it is to have that kind of true friendship no matter how it came to be. 

Both of these movies explore the relationship between John Bennett (played by Mark Walberg) and his stuffed bear (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) that magically comes to life.  As a child, John makes a special Christmas wish for his bear to be alive and be his friend for real.  Christmas wishes are very strong but that is just not something that happens in this world.  Because it did, this bear was famous for a time.  John being eternally grateful has Ted in his life all the way up to his adulthood.  This is where the real story hits. 

John is a little more mild but Ted turns into a hard-drinking, sex-crazed party animal.  And that was just in the first Ted.  In Ted 2, this bear decides to settle down with his trailer trash tramp of a girlfriend (played by Jessica Barth).  They get married and decide that they want to have a baby.  There is a problem though and it's not just because of his lack of reproductive organs (honestly I thought they would play with that more).  Ted is not considered a real person.  He and his friends fight this.  He like anyone else has thoughts, feelings and a soul.  That is what they are trying to prove.

They go through alot of trouble to do this and I can not reveal the outcome of it.  Besides, they should just come to the Nether Realm.  Toys with spirits in them are considered people just like everyother mythical creature.  They contribute to our society and very well at that.

Ted doesn't contribute to society though.  In fact, his favorite pastime is smoking grass if not screaming obscenities at everyone.  Yes he is fun to watch.  Frankly, I think it is rather comforting to know that there is a possessed teddy bear out there that happens to be a foul-mouthed drug abuser who is fiercly loyal to all those he loves.  Sounds pretty human to me and even if he isn't, he's pretty damn close.   

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