Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy Canada Day!!!

Well fellow Canadians, we made it through 148 years and we will make it for even longer.  This I know.  You know it's funny.  This country and I are the same age so I will never forget how old I am.  This is the luck of being a fairy.  Today, there are alot of things going on here in Calgary.   I will take you through what I did on this extraordinarily wonderful day. 

My first trip is to Olympic Plaza.  There, I am greeted with a free BBQ (all meat unfortunately for me), a huge stage with some country music singers singing Canadian songs and photo booths aplenty.  It is entertaining but I could not help but walk down Stephan Avenue.  There I found an outdoor market where, they had a little bit of everything including some sweet little fairy brooches.  Yes, I bought them.  I couldn't resist.  It's nice to have a small reminder of my wings.  I loved the street performers.  There was a woman who played rock and roll on a violin, some young break-dancing gentlemen who had some amazing moves and some jazz dancers who gave out alot of enthusiasm for what they did. 

After such a fun experience, I decided that I needed something to eat.  Knowing that there were going to be food trucks at Prince Island Park, I headed towards Eau Claire Market.  I walked inside the oh-so-nicely air conditioned market and saw a crowd gathered around a juggler.  He was impressive too and the kids loved him.  It's amazing the skills that these jugglers have, isn't it?  Anyway, I go back outside and do some more exploring. I search for the right food truck to satisfy my need for food.  I finally find it across the bridge.  I get this giant pineapple with a pineapple smoothie inside.  Confused?  Don't worry it's easily explained by the picture.  I also get a wood-fired vegetarian pizza which I take over to a stage and watch our Native Canadians preform a dance which symbolizes friendship.

With all this under my belt I decided to go get an ice cream and call it quits.  I wanted to get some energy in for the firework show (which I can watch from my building).  And it is stellar!  Unfortunately all the pictures I got of them were terrible so I can't share it with you my lovely audience.  I can assure you, however that they are spectacular and a show like that shouldn't be missed.

Oh yes, this is what I did but for all of you who want to check it out again next year, here is what I suggest.  Go to Fort Calgary, get a free breakfast and visit the petting zoo.  These animals are precious.  Also go to the East Village around 7:00 PM and see the performance show.  I hear it's excellent.  I wanted to go but I'm a fairy not an alien.  I can't be in two places at once.  So everyone.  I hope you enjoyed our nation's birthday.  I sure did.  How did the rest of you celebrate our or your nation's holiday?

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