Friday, July 24, 2015

The Peculiar Portal of Ptarmigan Cirque

The entrance of Ptarmigan Cirque

The Nether Realm
 Good news mystics!  If your feeling homesick, I found a portal just outside of Ptarmigan Cirque.  It is a little area in the Kananaskis that is used for hiking.  I have heard some good things about this beautiful place so I decided to explore it for a day.

I walk the trail until I come to an elevated path.  This is a very steep hike, so I mentally prepare myself for it.  After walking up this slope for a while, I decided to stop and catch my breath.  I felt like my lungs were set on fire by a salamander (fire elemental).  Out of the corner of my eye, I see what looks like a blue star.   I walk over to it and to my surprise, I had bumped into a portal.  Before I knew it, the star turns into a big blue mass that swallows me whole.  It sounds scary but portals tend to do that.

The Golden Stones that house the Gate
The first thing I saw was the Golden Stones and I knew that I was back in the Nether Realm. The purple clouds were out that day which tells me that the sorcerers were brewing the anti-demon shields again.  So it's a dead give away at what realm this was.  Then I was greeted in a formal manner by  the guardian of the gate.  It's a comforting feeling to know that this enchantress is still there day and night but I can't help but wonder...doesn't she ever take a break? A nice vacation away from making sure that only mystics come through to the Nether Realm?  Well all I know is she can be a real tight-ass.  She lets me take pictures of the scenery but not of her.  She really needs some time off!

She is still lovely though but the Golden Stones were more so.  These rocks are real gold and no you can not just take them.  Only dwarfs or leprechauns can access them.  Anyone else who tries often meets with some terrible luck but they are still wonderful to watch when the sun hits them.  They sparkle like an angel's halo.
Winding road down a fairy forest
So after I paid my respects to the guardian, I walk through the glen, down the winding road and into the fairy forest.  There is so much to see that I could write a novel about it all.  Since that would take a little longer, I will save you all of that and skip to the best part.

It was just about sundown when I saw a sight that I haven't seen in a long time.  The sprites emerging for their nightly flight.  Sprites are little wisps of light similar to will-o-the-wisps but smaller and pure magical energy.  They look like beautiful little orbs.  I always love to watch them flit through the air.  
Sprites emerging at Sundown
I could not stay to watch these lovely little lights for long because I had a date waiting for me in the Earth realm. But at least, I got a picture to remember them by.   So, I propped out my wings and flied out of the forest faster than a bat escaping from a giant's fart.  I wave good bye to the guardian and pass through the gate. 

It was nice to see the Nether Realm again.  Even I miss it and I travel all the time. To all those who are suffering from homesickness... don't worry, we have all been there and I have a couple of little tips that I got from a witch doctor to help you get over that.  The first thing you do is make yourself a nice cup of wild orange blossom tea and sip it slowly.  The second thing you do is take a piece of sugilite (aka dream stone) and put it under your pillow as you sleep.  Both of these items will relieve any sadness you have and open up your heart to happiness.  What do you all do when you are homesick?

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