Sunday, May 24, 2015

Le Villa

Sometimes you want to treat yourself and the ones you love to a place that is romantic, elegant and comfortable.  Such a place is Le Villa, a small little Italian place that resides on Sirocco Drive in the Southwest of Calgary.  It's homey but classy atmosphere is perfect for any kind customer no matter what you are looking to eat.

Although this place is quite expensive, you get more than what you pay for.  The food is beyond excellent.  It is prepared for you in a way that looks like a work of art and when you take that first bite, it is true poetry.

In this place with this food , You have a dreamy experience of herbs and spices melding together in a symphony of pasta and cheeses.  I am speaking of the Lemon and Ricotta Ravioli.  That is what I had, along with some roasted asparagus as a side.  All of it was very flavorful and very yummy .  You will notice that I had asked for tomato sauce.  It doesn't come with the tomato sauce but It is my
preference.  The staff was more than happy to accommodate my tastes.

My two companions that came with me had the risotto with the scampi and the halibut with potatoes and vegetables.  They both assured me that it was the best meal that they have had in a long time.  To them it tasted as good as it looked and it made them feel wonderful afterwards.

This is true kitchen magic .  The great thing is that the serving size of these meals is just right.  After the main course you felt very comfortable and lucky enough to save room for dessert.  Believe me, you want the dessert.

We had the chocolate mousse tower.  It was a brilliant finish of an already exceptional meal.  Sweet but not too sweet, rich and moist but not runny and of course every fey person's favorite, loaded with chocolate and cream.

The staff were very helpful and well-informed.  They give you sincere recommendations with a nice smile.  Suggestions such as what wine goes with what dish.  Also they go out of their way to make sure that you have a great experience in this restaurant.  You got a love that folks.

So like I said if you want a memorable experience where the food is wonderful and the ambiance is blissful then come to Le Villa.  The warm and friendly staff will greet you with smiles and have you leaving in the best of spirits.  

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