Sunday, May 17, 2015

Happy Ghost Stories

Good day everyone!  After seeing so many trailers and advertisements for the movie, "Poltergeist" (No it's not about you Bobby), I decided to go out and hear a few real life ghost stories in this realm.  What is unique about these stories is that these are not stories of tragedy but rather happy ones.  Here is one such tale.

A young woman who chooses to remain anonymus tells me about her experiences growing up in a haunted house.  Her story begins at the tender age of 3 years old.  One night while she was asleep in her room, she woke up having the need for a glass of water.  When she opened her eyes, she saw a strange man with brown hair and a beard.  He wore an old fashioned brown suit with a black tie, had circular rimmed glasses and brown dress shoes. He was a very intellectual looking man. 

Never-the-less, the girl being too young to understand that the apparation meant no harm, ran to her parents bedroom and got her mother.  When her mother came with her to look in her room, the man was gone but she believed her daughter because she once saw this man too.  She told her daughter that she saw him as a reflection in the window one day and when she looked back he disappeared.  Her mother assured her that this ghost is harmless.  This story helped the girl feel better enough to go back to bed. 

After a few nights of seeing this man, he finally spoke her and assured her to not be afraid.  He wasn't there to hurt her, he only wanted to talk to her.  She spent a couple of hours listening to his story and realized that he was telling her the truth.  He meant no harm.  She learned that he was a medicine man who treated alot of women and children.  He has helped many but unfortuneatley he couldn't help himself.  He got really sick with consumption and passed away but he wasn't through helping others.

Many visitations happened with him, until he and this little girl became good friends.  They sat on the grass together whenever she played outside, they'd watch movies together and sometimes they would just sit and talk.    He helped this woman just by being there for her and being a friend.  Even to this day when she visits her family, she still gets a sense that he is still there watching over her.  With that she wanted to say, "Thanks Harry, for everything." 

Our next story is from a man (he too, chooses to be anonymous) who had an invisible named Louis.  This began in his childhood as well.  As a young boy growing up on the farm with many older brothers and sisters, he would play outside often.  One day, he was playing in a hay stack while his brothers and sisters were at school.  He was playing with some of the kittens that he and his family owned.  Naturally, he climbed all the way to the top of the haystack thinking he was king of the mountain.  Suddenly, he started to fall but someone caught him.  It was a man who was tall with very blue eyes and a big grey moustache.  This man introduced himself as Louis and for the rest of the day, the young boy had some company. 

Later that night, his mother asked him what he did that day.  He told her about Louis and the fact that he met him over at the hay stack in the field.  After listening to her son, the mother had realized somthing.  The desciption of this man fits with the boy's grandfather.  He had never met him, nor has he seen his picture, so how could he know this?  His mother remembered of how her father always took care of the fields as he was a farmer himself. So it made perfect sense that her son would see him out there. Louis was a good man who lived a long healthy life and met a good death in his sleep.  She imagined that he was not at rest because he wanted to watch over things a little longer.  After that day, the boy never saw Louis again but still thinks of him now and again.  

There you have it.  There are some happy ghost stories out there.  You just have to look for them or if you are in the Nether Realm just talk to one of our ghostly residents. They are always happy to have a chat with you. If you have a fond memory of a ghost or a tale where you met a kindly spectre please share it on my blog.  I'd love to know what others have experienced. 

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