Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Magic of Orchids

Orchids.  They are a fascinating flower.  Beautiful, sensual, exotic and yes even magical.  These magnificent flowers can do a great deal of things.  It will balance the male/female energies, control your own energy but the best and most fun one is heightening sexual energies.   Oh yeah, I said it!  Orchids are a favorite amongst elves, fairies and other nature spirits when it comes to possessing the knowledge and spirituality of sex.  Sexuality is the source of our creative forces and it is important to tap into it once in a while. 

Here is a little something to spice up your sex life.  Not that any of you need it but it would be a fun little experiment. 
You will need:

 1 fresh orchid blossom
7 drops of vanilla essential oil
1/8 of a teaspoon of cardamom
1 drop of honey
1 sachet bag
1 red candle

What to do:

  1. Light your red candle and through this whole exercise visualize your sexual partner. 
  2. Take the orchid and put it in a small bowl.
  3. Put the vanilla drops as close to the center of the blossom as you can.
  4. Sprinkle the cardamom on top of the flower.
  5. Put a drop of honey in the center of the blossom.
  6. Cover the bowl and shake everything together
  7. Pour the contents into the sachet bag.
  8. Put the sachet bag into your underwear drawer and blow out the candle.

Now when you and your partner are ready for your "little alone time" light the red candle again.  When the erotic feeling takes you over, your partner will notice your glow almost immediately.  When this happens, you will know it's time.  Have fun lovers! 

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