Saturday, May 9, 2015

Shouting Out to the Shape-shifter Clan

Well this is my latest shout out!  And I want to say a friendly "Hi there and Hello!" to the Shape-Shifting Clan.  Love you guys!  And no not just because I know that you guys can rip all of my extremeities off of my body.  But because you guys are one of the biggest builders, helpers and defenders of all those who really need your help. 
Yes, I am talking about the werewolves, werecats and the many weres out there.  You guys are the greatest!  Thanks to you guys, we have good homes, safe streets, and food on the table (even though that food is mostly meat).  These friendly, outdoorsy folks have always come through in a time of trouble.  Without them, I don't think any of the clans would be here today.  I know I wouldn't be.

I remember being a small child wandering through a meadow when this dark ominous shadow appeared before me.  It tried to reach out to me with these large pointy claws.  I was so scared that I froze right then and there, completely unable to move.  All of a sudden this large grey dog-like creature jumped out of the long grass and clawed at it.  The shadow let out a screech and vanished.  Just as it did, this beast looked at me for a few moments, sniffed me (for any injury I think) and then ran away.  I never did get to meet him (I don't think).  But I have met several others and they have been nothing but nice.

Now don't get me wrong.  These guys have an angry streak.  If you cause them harm or to anyone they care about, they get into a rage and destroy everything in sight.  To say that they make an awful mess is an understatement.  I haven't seen it personally but I heard many a tale about homes being in shambles and... well people dying (not so fun to talk about that).
Still, they are real party animals.  They are fun and have some amazing stories to share.  If you ever find yourself sitting across from a shape-shifter at a dinner party, don't walk away.  Stay there because you will hear some of the most interesting and intriguing stories.  For example; the werecat I was talking to at my friend's party.  She actually went through a whole building in this realm (Earth) with noone seeing her.  She went in and out of vents and noone noticed.  Not even the video cameras. 

This could be a good spy movie, right?  Before I finish flattering you guys, I will say one thing.  You guys have got to stop shreading all over my furniture.  And as for the werecat that scratched up my couch.  You are paying for it!  Anyway, lots of love to you guys and thank you for all you do.

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