Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Calgary Flames are Climbing Up!

Well sports fans, the Calgary Flames have just beaten the Anaheim Ducks!  Awesome!  But this is just the beginning for them.  They have at least three more games with the Ducks in order to get to the next level.  Will they get there?  Only time will tell but I am hopeful.  By the look of the last game the Ducks are quite strong players but the good news so are the Flames. 

Hockey is interesting isn't it?  It's not as exciting as watching the Warrior Realm fights in the coliseum in Colisium but there is a certain ballet to it.  I think Artemis or Athena would approve of hockey.  Although I have had no chance in talking to either one of them being busy goddesses and all, I'd like to think they enjoy a good sport just like the rest of us. 

The sport of hockey is intriguing but the parties that you go to when you want to celebrate the win can be epic.  I'm talking fireworks, dancing like its the centennial celebration and happiness that fills an entire city.  Word of warning though, If you are going out to the Red Mile ( 17 Avenue Southwest ).  Make sure that you are cautious, aware of what's going on around you and make lots of fun memories!  It's important to have those because that is what makes this world worth living.  Just ask the guy who got arrested the last time there was a party on the Red Mile.  Apparently he was running around with nothing on below his waist.  Back in our world, it's usually Pan (the satyr nature god ) and he hasn't gotten any since the Celestina put a curse on him. 

Good luck and skill have been blessed to the Flames, so far.  I know they will play with all their hearts and make all us Calgarians proud.  So win big Flames!  Not just for your love of the game but for your fans.  I got $50 riding on you guys!  Good luck.

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