Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Witches Hat Challenge

After shopping with a friend and spending about $300 on a pair of Jeans (love them!).  I had a starling idea.  What if we can bring Witch\Wizard hat's back in style in this realm?

Think about it, they were popular in mideval times in this realm.  Why not bring it back?  I would like to challenge anyone whether you are a designer or fantasy fanatic to make a witch's hat that is beautiful, practical and fashionable.   Please send in some pictures of your creation and we will put in a vote for the best one.

Use some fun and crazy colors, feathers, flowers and any other unique items that would look smashing on these hats.  Lets bring "wizzy\ witchy back"

Now you all are probably wondering is there a prize here?  Well for starters, you get fame and recognition and many applause from this world and the next.  The rest is a secret.  ;)


  1. I did knit one a few years ago and still have it. I love it!