Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Power of Yoga

Ever get one of those days where stress just takes you over? You feel like you are going to turn into a massive fire-breathing dragon who is going to demolish everything in your path?  I'm sure anyone who can shape shift, has a transformation potion or an alter crystal knows exactly what I am talking about.  Okay maybe it's not even that bad.  Perhaps you just had a hard day and want to turn it around.

Well there is a way you can.  And that way is Yoga. It requires no potions or magic spells of any kind.   But a crystal or two could help a bit, some gorgeous slow music and candles are always nice touch.  However, even just doing straight yoga is all you will have to do.  It will do so much good for your mind, body and soul.  With just an hour long class of poses, meditation and breathing, the benefits are many especially for the mystics.

Back in our world, magic is very easy to come by.  Since we were children, we all are trained for what we are and what we are to become.  Luckily, in this day-in-age we get some added bonus lessons on what ever magic we would like to learn.  So in short, all of us can do magic. 

In this world, you're going to need a little help.  It's not as easy to work with here and it's more unpredictable.  Yoga will help you to connect with magical energies in a safe environment.   It'll help you find the powers within yourself and within the universe.  The thing is, it takes time, energy, patience and practice.  All of which (again) yoga helps you with.  But let's not keep this all single minded.  Yoga does alot more too.

To list a few:  It helps you stay fit,  keeps you healthy, you gain strength, flexibility, and a happy mind. It also lowers blood pressure, relieves pain and calms stress.  And those are just to name a few.  You will find many places to go in this world to practise it as yoga is very popular but my favorite place is;

Enlight Yoga & Wellness
1138 10 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB
T2R 0B6
Go and check it out.  It'll be just want the witch doctor ordered.   


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