Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cirque De La Nuit - Aerialis...Fabulous!

If you are looking for a crazy cool party with the visual wonders that you would see in Cirque Du Soleil, then you want to go to Cirque De La Nuit.  It's just like our Centennial Celebration except it's a little smaller because it's not outdoors and a little more exclusive.  This year they had it in Flames Central.  It is really nice in there because it looks like a small ballroom.

At Cirque De La Nuit, patrons are dressed up in these unique, eclectic costumes (or dressed to impress), you have a DJ spinning some fun techno-dance music, and then there is the show itself.  All these talented preformers come together on the stage and preform their amazing acts.  Each act is different but more marvelous as the night goes on.  You will see aerial acrobats, contortionists, dancers of all kinds, clowns and (for the adult in all of us) burlesque dancers.  The best part is, you feel like you are apart of it.  With other circuses you just sit and watch but with this one you get to dance while you watch the show.  Sometimes if you are lucky, the preformers will take notice of you and throw you a little something.  With me it was a little red nose. 

With everything that goes on there, I could swear that it's Las Vegas all wrapped up into one room.  Why not?  You have the drinks, you have the shows and the glamour.  It's hard not to think that you might have been teleported there for a short time.  Similar to what Atlantis does over in our realm except you are not going from building to building but from city to city.  I hope that makes sense.  So yes, I will be there next year for sure and hopefully in the VIP section because that looks wild.  Everyone should have a chance to go wild every now and again.  Thanks Cirque!

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