Sunday, June 7, 2015

Fairy Wishes

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Everyone knows that fairies grant wishes.  And that is true but did you know that fairies have wishes of their own?  I bet not.  After many different interviews and even some of my own soul-searching, I managed to gather a list of what a typical fairy wishes for.  It took alot of time but I have found what the majority of fairies will wish for.  Some of you maybe surprised at these answers but you all will see that it actually makes alot of sense. 
If you have a chance to make one of these wishes come true for these very special beings, then you will be in a very good spot with them. Perhaps you will recieve a special gift from them yourself.  As many fairies will often give you a gift if you do something nice for them or their enviroment.  You really want to know?  Here is what I found:
  • Swim under a waterfall 
  • Be naked in the moonlight
  • Sleeping in the trees
  • Dance like no one is looking 
  • Wear bouquet of flowers in their hair
  • Be beautiful in somebody else's eyes
  • To Fly 
  • To Fall
  • Make friends with all animals 
  • Take a very long journey
  • Surround themselves in light
  • Be one with the night
  • To stop in one moment and enjoy
  • Bring magic into their lives and onto others
  • Vanquish all their demons
  • Be sensual without trying
  • Love with all their hearts
  • Heal what needs healing
  • To indulge in sweet treats
  • A home that is safe
  • Free to be
 Granted, you will have to get creative with this but it is not impossible to do these things for them.  For example; They want to dance like noone is looking?  Here is a clue.  Play some happy music for them and dance yourself.  That will make them feel less shy and want to dance with you.  It'll take some time for them to trust you enough to come out even with all of these wishes but show them kindness, patience and make them feel safe, they will eventually feel confident enough to come out and see you.   If you are sincere, they will continue to visit you and you will make some wonderful friends out of them. 

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