Monday, June 15, 2015

It's a really funny story

My friend, Bobby and I decided to see the new "poltergeist" movie because Bobby, himself is just that, a poltergeist.  He wanted to see what a human's take on his kind were.  Here's a tidbit, he hates most ghostly movies so I did not know how he would react. 

We were sitting in the theater and I was enjoying my popcorn.  Bobby has a weakness for peanut M&Ms.  He can't eat them being in ghost form but that doesn't stop him from trying.  He makes a hell of a mess.  We were sitting in the back because we wanted to be discreet.  Mystics can see ghosts, poltergeists, etc just fine but humans can not.  So we were sitting and chatting, minding our own business until some smart-ass teenagers sat beside us.    We were talking about the actors in this movie but because these boys could not see Bobby, they assumed I was talking to myself.  They made some rather unkind gestures indicating that I was crazy. 

Bobby didn't appreciate that.  He transformed himself into a mist and flowed towards these boys (you know the way ghosts do).  Bobby slipped under their seats and flipped the seats up with these boys sitting in them.  Suffice to say, popcorn, pop and sour patch candies were flying everywhere.  These boys were screaming so loud that they could wake the dead (pun intended).  The theater staff asked these boys to leave assuming they were goofing off.  It was freaking hilarious!

With the troublemakers gone, Bobby and I resumed our conversation but that didn't last long.  This big disgruntled man came with a huge armload of snacks and sat right on top of Bobby!  I told this man that my friend was sitting there but did he move?  Of course not!  Naturally, Bobby got pissed and tossed all this man's snacks up in the air and spilled them all over him.  The best part was seeing this man's pop being dumped on his big bald head.  Bobby humiliating these jerks is like an art form.  I love going to the movies Bobby.  I get entertained before the movie even starts. 

Poster belongs to 20th Century Fox and MGM
We finally got to watch the movie. Bobby didn't like it (surprise, surprise).  He thought the ghosts are depicted as evil and it was an unbalanced characterization. It bummed him out.  I can't believe it got so many negative reviews.  I happened to enjoy it.  It was thrilling, exciting and an interesting look into the spirit world.  I liked all the characters especially the cynical psychic (played by Jared Harris).  There were some points where he really made me smile.  I liked the story because it made me jump in a few places.  The good news is it was consistant with most of the original story but updated.  I liked how it ended.

But what we both agreed on is the depiction of the spirit world.   Neither of us has actually seen the dark world but we have heard about it from reliable sources.  The movie's spirit world sent shivers up and down my spine. The special effects were excellent.  It was a very entertaining movie with a moral towards bravery.  When you face your fears and stand up to an unbelievable  obstacle, you can survive and be stronger for it. He he he.   That is funny isn't it?  To get an uplifting moral like that out of a ghost movie?  All in all, it was a fun hour and a half. 

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