Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Lilac Festival

Photo Provided by Kenneth Fung, Photographer
The lilac festival was just this last Sunday.  Yes, in this town we celebrate lilacs as they are a sign of spring.  (Or that's what the humans will say).  It is very interesting that they celebrate this particular flower and it's a good thing.  We too celebrate lilacs because we all know that lilacs are good for balancing chakras and spiritualizing the intellect.   It is also a very good flower for meditations, connecting with your spirit guides and an excellent protection talisman.  So if you are doing yoga and are in need of a relaxing scent or if you want to keep evil spirits away this would be the flower to do it.  Now being of the fey persuasion I was very intrigued with the idea of a festival celebrating this kind of flower.  With our festivals back in the Nether Realm we usually celebrate all kinds of flowers (more detail later). 

Everything in this festivals wasn't fully decorated with lilacs the way that we would do it back in our realm but there were plenty of subtle hints.  It was enough that I'd think Lilah (the lilac fairy) would be very pleased with it.  If not her Persephone since it has to do with spring. 

This lovely festival is similar to our Fertility Festival in the Nether Realm.  There are many merchants out and about trying to sell their wares, interesting entertainment and food trucks (food carts for us) galore.  Like our fertility fest it all starts with a parade.  In this parade you will see some people with costumes on.  Not everyone wears costumes in the parades like we do in our world but there were still some unique outfits.  There were belly dancers, Egyptian and a purple fairy (No not Lilah).  The floats were not elaborate but they didn't have to be.  Everyone had a lot of enthusiasm.  I have to admire every one's effort in what they were doing. 

Yes the music was there too.  There was music of all kinds from classic and contemporary sounds of big bands to boisterous dance music blaring out of large speakers.  It was fun to listen to all these kinds of music.  My favorite was the live bands.  Yes live bands are always my favorite, whether it is "Wasted Nation" here in Calgary (Earth Realm) or the "Horned Faye" in Merkiva (Nether Realm).  It wasn't just the music.  There were many different entertainments.  I was lucky enough to catch the capoeira demonstration and that is really fascinating to see martial arts and dancing combined.

There were many food trucks out and about.  So you will never go hungry but I decided to go to one of Calgary's best pubs which is "Joyce on 4th."  And for good reason.  There are live bands there just for that day and it was quite lively.  But my favorite part is knowing that there is really good beer there to enjoy on a hot day.  I'll tell you that is the very definition of paradise.  My only regret is not stopping for an ice cream.  That truck made them look very tasty.  So if you ever want to check out a lovely festival that reminds you a little bit of home this is the place to be.  Lilah in particular should check it out and shower your blessings up on it. 

Photo provided by Kenneth Fung, Photographer

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