Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Magestry of Horses

Photograph by Kenneth Fung

 I went horseback-riding over the weekend and I had to write about these magnificent creatures.  There are so many legends surrounding them and that is for good reason.  Look at our own equine creatures.   The unicorns, Pegasuses, and even centaurs(half human, half horse hybrids).  These are creatures that symbolize beauty, freedom, and a warriors strength without forgetting compassion.
Do you all remember the story about "The Spirited Horse?"  It is a story of a beautiful white horse named N'Tuki (meaning spirited one) who had a caregiver, a woman named Fa'Rashi.  She would care for this horse, love her, and ride her until one day N'Tuki became pregnant with a daughter who was named N'Kuki ( meaning young one).  Unfortunately, N'Tuki died giving birth to her but she was not lost.  N'Tuki's body turned into this sparkling dust that rose high into the sky and became the stars.  Fa'Rashi took care of N'Kuki just the same as she did for her mother.  So long story short, Fa'Rashi could not do the same for N'Kuki, her beautiful body got stained.  Because of that, when she passed on N'Kuki didn't become the stars like her mother but became the moon.  An entity all her own.

Photograph by Kenneth Fung
Now this story that I think shares all the symbols of the horse very well.  It's a story about love, magic and full filling your destiny even if you make a mistake. A lot of Centaurs tell this story to their children.   I got to sit down with a Centaur in this world (She is in human form) who works on a ranch here in Alberta.  Lets call her Sarah and she takes very good care of the horses here.  Centaurs are interesting in that they can transform into either human or horse form.  In this world it's either one or the other since they can't transform like they can in ours.  However, Sarah has made a lovely life for herself in this realm and will continue to do so but privately as a human.  She is an encyclopedia when is come to horse stories and this is where I got the story of the "Spirited Horse."  All her daughters, know this story too and that amazes me because I have never known anyone that young (even a centaur) to know absolutely everything about these legends and the creatures that star in them.   

So anyway, folks remember that when you watch one of these wild beauties running in the field.  Stop, watch and be inspired because that is sight of one of the most beautiful wildlife scenes you will ever see in this world.  To watch something so wild and free, you will never forget it.  I myself would love to see one of these horse legends in action.  Amazing what an imagination will do.
Photograph by Kenneth Fung

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