Monday, September 21, 2015

Hades and Persephone Renew their Wedding Vows

hades and persephone 1 by sandara
Artwork provided by Sandara in  devianart;
That's right folks!  Hades and Persephone, the Nether Realm's hottest couple have just announced that they are renewing their wedding vows on Halloween.  Can you imagine a better time for these crazy love birds to do that?  This is the biggest news from the Greek gods since Zeus and Hera's divorce.  Some of us saw their divorce coming while others (not me) were very surprised.  No one was surprised by the confirmation of Persephone and Hades continuing love. 

The story of how Hades met Persephone is well known to all.  Hades saw Persephone wading in a fresh spring and immediately fell in love.  He quickly kidnapped her and she became a bride by abduction which was legal back in those days.  Hades also had Zeus' (Persephone's dad) permission to marry her.  Demeter was very angry when she found out Hades had taken her daughter and made her his queen.  But there is a part of the story that she didn't know.

Hades and Persephone. Interesting perspective from the artist because it makes Persephone appear as though she actually loves Hades.: Persephone was falling in love too.  At first, she didn't know what to make of Hades, then she saw that he was a sad, broken and lonely man who needed some feminine light in his life.  He was also very kind to her.  He never pushed her to sleep with him, he tried to do little things to make her feel at home and he gave her space when she needed it.  She noticed all of this and it touched her heart.  One day she told him that she loved him and wanted to stay with him forever.  According to legend, if you eat anything in the underworld you do stay there forever.  Hades offered her a pomegranate and Persephone willingly ate it. 

Upon hearing the news that her daughter had eaten there, Demeter demanded that Zeus return her daughter to her or else she would destroy all crops and the world would be nothing but a wasteland.  She wasn't kidding and when Zeus did not go back on his promise to Hades, the world became more and more barren.  Times were very hard for humans and mystics alike.  Zeus relented and ordered Hermes to go to the Underworld and retrieve Persephone.  However, Hermes was caught and brought before Hades to explain himself. 

Hermes told both Persephone and Hades everything that was happening because of Demeter's anger.   They all agreed that the best thing for everyone was that Persephone stay above ground for six months but the remaining six months she stay with Hades.  Demeter and Zeus agreed to this and the arrangement has continued since then.

This picture tells a story all on its own. It is simple, but elegant... To take the hand of a Master/Dom... He will guide you as you give him the gift of your submission..: Back to the present, Hades and Persephone are going to have an actual ceremony to celebrate their love. 

"The thing is, I always felt bad that Persephone and I never really had a wedding ceremony."  Hades explains, "She has brought so much beauty, kindness and vitality into the Underworld and to me that I want to do this for her. "

Persephone's work to make the Underworld a beautiful place makes a big difference to those who have passed on.  Not to mention the beauty she brings when she comes back to the surface.  What she does makes a difference to everyone in the world.  She is the epitome of charity, congeniality and lightness.

"It's been a long time and finally getting both of my parents' blessings, Hades and I decided that it was time to celebrate the thousands of beautiful years we've had together."  Persephone states, "It will be a wonderous night."

It is romantic isn't it?  After all these years, these two immortals are still holding strong and holding hands.  It's their story that is my favorite of all the Greek Myths.   To have an actual ceremony for their union is something special.  The celebration is for the Greek Gods and Goddesses only.  It was important to the couple that they keep the party private.  Fortunately, there is a way to celebrate it with them.  If you do this correctly, the Greek Gods and Goddesses will bless you with good luck.

You must wear a white flower wreath in your hair (look for things like narcissus, lilies and daisies because they are Persephone's favorite flowers).  Make a mixture of pomegranate juice, nectarine juice and champagne in equal parts.  At midnight on Halloween, hold your mixed drink up to the stars and give this toast;

"To true love that transcends the tests of time.  May all creatures, mortal and immortal, in the stars, on the ground and under the ground, find the light that only love can bring."

After you say your toast, you may notice some starlight appear before you.  Don't be afraid, it's just the immortals saying "Thank you" for your good wishes.  Drink the rest of your cocktail and feel free to have your favorite food with it.  Lets face it, you are blessed by the gods. 

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