Friday, September 11, 2015

Protection against Nightmares

Everyone has nightmares and they can be very frightening.  Luckily, there is a magical way of getting rid of them with out any risk, little expense and no big bang that shakes up your house.  It works for all ages and is completely safe. 

You will need:
A Dream Catcher
Chrysoprase Stone
Lepidolite Crystal

Why will you need these items?

A Dream Catcher = This is crucial in getting rid of nightmares.  Have you heard of an Ojibwe enchantress named Asibikaashi?  She makes all the dream catchers in the Nether Realm. She is a beautiful Native American woman who many have dubbed "the Spider Woman."  I know it sounds dark but she is actually a very warm, wonderful and welcoming woman.  She weaves these enchanted webs, puts them on hoops made of willow and decorates them with various feathers, crystals and colorful ribbons.  She began doing this because the children of her tribe were suffering from terrible nightmares and she needed to help.  The dreamcatchers trap the nightmares and only let the good dreams come through and trickle down the feathers into a sleeping person's mind.    So there you have it and that is why you must have a dream catcher.  If at all possible get a Native American shaman or medicine woman to bless this for you.  It will strengthen its powers, make it last longer and help out a great deal.

Chrysoprase = This stone is used to combat restlessness and bring joy, hope and peace of mind to its owner.  A great detoxification stone, it helps relieve anxiety-provoking images and to cope with them.  If you or your children are having reoccuring nightmares or night terrors, this is the stone you need. 

Lepidolite = This lovely crystal will calm a hostile enviroment and get rid of any negativity.  It's a good preventitive for nightmares, releasing the fear of unknown and slowing a person's mind enough so that they just live in the moment. 

What you will do:

  1. Hang your dream catcher over your bed
  2. Charge your crystals with sunlight for at least 8 hours
  3. Place your stones underneath your pillow
  4. Sit on your bed and meditate.  When you first see an animal (of any kind) that will be your spirit animal.  Focus on your spirit animal and ask it to guide you to that peaceful place in your mind where you are completely safe. 
  5. Once you make it to that place, slowly open your eyes, and lie down on your bed.
  6. Keep your spirit animal and peaceful place in your mind as you allow yourself to drift off to sleep.

I have found that this really works whether you are in the Earth Realm or the Nether Realm.  If it is your children having nightmares please explain the powers of the dream catchers and crystals.  Assure them that they are safe and protected.  So you can't go wrong with this one.  Sweet dreams my dear readers and please let me know if this has worked for you. 

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