Monday, December 14, 2015

The 536th Annual Vampire Awards

Vampire's Castle aka The Tower of Shadows  See more of this artwork at

Every year, The Nether Realm has a gothic, luxurious banquet for vampires and their guests.  It is a “by invitation only” gala event. You cannot get past the lion statues poised at the front stone gate without producing the written invitation. It is rumored that these lions will come to life and attack you if you are caught attempting to crash the party.  It may be worth the risk. There are glamorous gowns, elegant tuxedos, divine decor, the most wonderful wine any world could offer, and food that is a feast for all the senses.  Yes, they have real food there (for the guests not the vampires) and no they are not trying to fatten people up to drink their blood. They have not done that for over 300 years despite what Bram Stoker says. 

The Nether Realm’s 536th Annual Vampire Awards Night was held on Saturday, December 12, 2015. 

The theme at this year’s event was: “Be responsible. Be kind.” A grand prize was given to the vampire who had drawn the most blood without turning or killing its donor. The grand prize was a fabulous all-inclusive trip for two to the romantic resort known as Camelot for an entire week of feasting, jousting, dancing, and hunting.  Here are this year’s winners:


1st place Lucius DuGreco aka the King of Vampires

Lucius has been successfully draining blood since the late 17th Century.  With the help of an influential physician, Lucius has developed a system to perform blood transfusions.  These transfusions were often very dangerous to the subjects.  Knowing that this procedure would help his kind and the human race, Lucius worked diligently to perfect the procedure so that no one would get hurt.  Because of his perseverance, determination, and compassion for all living things, he succeeded in his quest.  Since then, blood is donated, the subjects are safe and vampires are well fed.

2nd place Nico Adessi, Vineyard Owner
Nico has always been a strong supporter of the blood drive in Europe.  He and his wine company have what many people call "Blood Parties”.  He supplies good food at the blood drive for those who give and a small bottle of champagne to every 15th person for their troubles.
He also throws lavish fundraisers where he encourages others to donate blood. All the proceeds are sent directly to the blood bank.   

3rd place. Jaqueline Mallory, Famous Artist

A blood drive activist, Jacqueline volunteers for any blood donor clinic in the Nether Realm or Earth Realm that she happens to be near.  She watches over the people giving blood there to reassure and comfort them with her gentle but witty bedside manner.  She uses her influence in the art world to spread the word about the need for blood.  She rarely fails to bring up the subject.   She mentions it in all of her lectures at art schools and during her art shows, classes and workshops.  

It's true that the way vampires get blood hasn't always been humane. But we shouldn’t be too judgemental because historically humans haven’t always been particularly humane in getting their food either.  We need to eat to survive and will get our food wherever and however we must.   Thankfully, we all have grown and evolved.  We now live in time when we have more options and most of us try to do things (even hunt) in the most benign way possible.  So for the sake of both vampires and humans be sure to donate at your local blood clinic.  We need it. Blood is the gift of life.  Wouldn’t this be a fabulous Christmas gift?


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