Monday, August 10, 2015

Elemental Lanterns

I can't believe that I found some elemental lanterns!  They are very hard to come by in this realm yet here they are.  I find them by chance as I visit Vancouver Island.  Isn't that funny?

We all know that elementals are very special creatures that need some very special attention.  They need these beautiful lanterns in order to recharge their energy and rest for at least twenty-four hours.  These lanterns are a marvelous piece to have in your home.  To watch your favorite elemental light up inside these lanterns is like watching magic come to life.  The elemental will glow in a particular color depending on what kind of element that this spirit is associated with. 

It is important to remember that there are eight elementals altogether.  The common misconception is that there are only four. The basic four elements which everyone knows are earth, wind, fire and water but the secret elements (or not-so-secret to enchanters) are light, dark, wood, and moon/metal.  The next thing you have to remember is what element is affiliated with what elemental.  Here is a list of the elements, the elemental that is in charge of it and the color it glows to help you remember:

Fire = Salamanders
Water = Undines
Wind = Slyphs 
Earth = Gnomes
Light = Wisps
Dark = Shades
Wood = Dryads
Metal/Moons = Lunas

Now how do you get a particular elemental to come into your lantern?  To do that you have to put the elemental's symbol on the bottom of the lantern.  I can not show you these symbols because it is against the law in the Nether Realm to post, show off or otherwise describe these sacred emblems.  You will have to ask someone from the mage clan or find a grimoire that specializes in such things.

When you have the symbol in the right spot, be patient and elemental will come.  When it does, enjoy what you see.  It is brief but beautiful to watch the luminous glow of an elemental recharging itself.  After it has run it's course, the elemental will leave and take it's symbol with it.  Make sure you keep it clean so an elemental can return.  Has anyone else found one of these lanterns?  Please comment and let me know. 

WARNING:  You may look at it but don't otherwise disturb the elemental.  When frightened they can be very fierce and cause a horrific disaster that can lead to severe injury or death to yourself and others in close proximity. 

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