Friday, August 14, 2015

The Oracle's Adventures on Vancouver Island: The Adventures

My First Bungee Jump
Vancouver Island is a very memorable place but what I am going to remember the most is the adventures.  There are many adventurous things to do on the island but this time I decided to indulge in three things.  Hiking, Bungee Jumping and Ziplining Two out of these three activities are for fun but one is essential

First, I will start with the bungee jumping that I did at Wildplay in Nanaimo.  The cost for this is $136.49 for your first jump and I thought it was worth that price especially since there is nothing like it in our world unless you are a spider demon.  So out of curiosity, I decided to try it and I loved it!  First is the anticipation, then comes the nervousness, then the fear and finally as you jump, the release.  You're as free as a flying fairy on a clear sunny day.  It feels nice to have the feeling of my wings again.  I'm not allowed my wings when I'm in this realm.  Exposure can be deadly to Mystics, so be very careful.  Now back to the bungee jumping.  What happens is they tie a cord around your ankles.  Then you have to waddle (Yes waddle because this cord is tight) to the platform and wait for a moment or two as the instructors tell you what to do.  Then you jump and enjoy the ride.  You will feel like you are flying again.

View from a Zip-line
Zip lining is a lot like flying as well. You are attached by a harness onto a  long cord that goes from one platform to another.  As you soar from one platform to another you will notice that the views are breath-taking.  We are not allowed to bring cameras or cell phones for good reason but I snuck mine out to take the picture that you see to the right.  I'll never forget the sight of the misty mountains that I saw when I was 1000 feet in the air.  The place where I did the Ziplining was called Adrenaline which is near Victoria.  You go on Eleven Ziplines for $88.  That is a pretty fair price in this world when you want to fly through the trees in the mountains.

Now I'm sure you all have figured out what is the most essential of all these activities is hiking. Some of the most beautiful of all sights of this island are captured when you are walking in nature.  Vancouver Island is rich with trees, wildflowers and mountains.  It's hard to miss these things when you go searching for them.  Like the bridge you see in the picture below.  It leads to a forest full of different trees, wildflowers, little animals (squirrels, hummingbirds, etc) and a small spring that some people swim in on hot days.  This particular place did not have a name but it's popular there and you don't have to pay for it. Let's face it; free is the best price for an activity.

Hiking Across A Bridge To A Forest
I sense there is a great deal of magic on this island. I say this because it's crackling with energy, the land is rich with natural beauty, and everything here is so bright that it glows.  Not to mention that this place allows a mystic to feel the joy of flight again when we can't fly in this realm.   I guess the real question is, how can this island not be magical? 

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