Friday, August 21, 2015

The Oracle's Adventures on Vancouver Island; Supper at the Shipyard

My favorite spots in this world are a beautiful cool forest where I can listen to the music of a waterfall or a warm meadow filled with the scent of wild flowers. Both remind me of the Nether World and I seek them out when I get homesick. Another thing that helps is to seek out someone actually from the Nether World to spend time with.

Do you remember my mermaid friend Odessa? I first met her 10 years ago when I was vacationing in Cuba. She was on the beach collecting sea shells as I was swimming in the ocean.  Something drew me to her but when I got near I accidentally splashed some water on her leg. She immediately became anxious because scales began to appear where the water had touched her skin.  I offered her my beach towel and reassured her by advising that I too was a mystic. She was the first actual mystic I met when I crossed over to this realm. We have been in contact ever since but do not get to see each other as much as we would like.

Odessa is extremely talented. She not only collects sea shells but makes jewellery from these shells and other natural objects she collects on her journeys. She is quite the traveller and never stays put in one place very long.

During my recent holiday on Vancouver Island, we were able to get together because Odessa has moved to Tofino and she made a special effort to come see me.  “The Shipyard” is a little place in the Maple Bay Marina and Odessa suggested we meet there. The restaurant is right on the water and surrounded by ships and boats of all sizes and descriptions.  The menu is a true pescatarian’s dream. Sounds like a good mermaid’s hangout right? It is Odessa’s favorite restaurant and she comes often.

I do want to warn my fellow vegetarians that our choices are limited. I did manage to score a nice pasta with a mixture of herbs and rose sauce that was fresh, rich, and satisfying. Odessa ordered the oysters, shrimp skewers, and double coleslaw. I could tell that she loved it as she ate the whole dinner in about five minutes without stopping to talk or even take breath. We ordered a bottle of white wine that had a fresh crisp citrus flavor and complemented both our meals. The wine was appropriately named “The Beach House”. Good food, good wine, and good friends eventually leads to good conversation.

We caught up on what each of us has been doing. I told Odessa about this blog. Odessa says hello. She told me about the challenges of operating her business. I suggested she consider starting her own website to increase sales and leave more time for the actual production. She was hesitant and thought it would be too much trouble and difficult to manage. I know what you are thinking. All she needs is a picture of herself, a laptop, and an internet connection. But I know Odessa well enough to know that it really isn’t about the amount of work involved. Odessa hates getting her picture taken.  She thinks she has “no good side”. But the truth is she is a little bit afraid of items that cannot get wet. This includes cell phones and lap tops. Odessa is of the siren persuasion and her life revolves around water. It is her favorite place to be and if she can’t make a splash, she is going to dash. I guess we all have our quirks and it is best that we respect all our differences.

I need to be near a forest or a meadow to feel at home. Odessa needs the water. We need each other. What makes you feel at home? Who makes you feel at home?


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