Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Apple Peel True Love Reveal

apple fruit kitchen
Who wants to find out a little something about your future life partner?  There is a spell we use back home to find out who our mate for life is going to be.  The humans in the Earth Realm like to do this on Halloween but you can do this anytime in the autumn.   It is very simple. You take an apple and peel its skin off in one long piece with a paring knife.  As you do this, say:

This apple that I peel
My true love's letter I reveal
As it finds its way to the ground
Help my love mate's name be found

When you drop the peel it will land in the shape of the first initial of your true love’s name.  It is only a clue but now that you know the first initial all you have to do next is find your soulmate. 

At least you will be able to keep this in mind when you meet new people or look at your friends in a new way.  Now go on and have a glass of wine with your apple and cheese to celebrate. 

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