Thursday, October 22, 2015

Screamfest is the Best!

Screamfest Entrance
The First and Best Haunted House
October is a great time for mystics. It is one of the few times we get to travel freely between the Nether World and the Earth Realm. Most of us try to get home to the Nether Realm to enjoy our huge party “Centennial Celebration”. Unfortunately, this year I was not able to be there.  Three of my dearest friends in the Earth Realm invited me to go with them to “Screamfest”. They told me that Halloween themed fun included games, rides and haunted houses. From what they said, I thought it might be a little dark but I was so homesick and feeling sorry for myself, I decided to give it a try.

Dragon Monster Truck Ride
The Magician
This is a very popular event and line ups are typically quite long. General admission is $25 but my friends recommended that I spring for the extra $20 to purchase a Speed Pass. So I did and received a bracelet and 16 tokens to use as I pleased. No waiting in line for me!

We entered the grandstand building and had a quick look around. We decided that we would explore the six haunted houses that were included in the price of admission first so headed outside where they were located. “What Lies Beneath” was the first house we toured and we were very impressed. At the end of the day, we decided that this was our favorite attraction.
As we explored the outdoor attractions, we found the “Monster Truck Rides”. Although it cost a whopping 12 tokens, we decided we had to give it a try. After a brief wait, the four of us climbed into the very front of the large vehicle. Immediately after buckling our seat belts, we began one of the most exciting rides of our life. The spins, skids, donuts and the speed are not something we encounter in our everyday lives. It was like riding a dragon except we did not actually fly. It only felt like it. I ran into an unexpected visitor from the Nether World.

Andromeda, Princess of Dragons
Shape-shiftng Gorilla Woman
Andromeda, the Princess of Dragons, is a minor celebrity in our world. She is named after Andromeda, daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia and the wife of Perseus. Andromeda was chained naked to a rock near the port city of Jaffa and Perseus rescued and then married her. She had a long life and many children. After her death, she was placed among the constellations in the northern sky near Perseus and Cassiopeia. Her namesake, the Princess of Dragons, is a bit of a loner but every now and again she does briefly visit the Earth Realm to walk anonymously and explore this world. We did get to speak to her and shake her hand but she had to leave rather quickly. She did not enjoy the crowds and all the noise. It was a thrill for me to meet her.
Mad House and Buried Alive

We went back into the grandstand building to experience the games, more rides and haunted houses. I tried the “Witches Brew Game” and the “Archery Game”. No prizes for me but I did have fun. We tried a couple of rides. “The Screamer” is an aptly named orbital apparatus that spins in every direction so fast that you feel you have entered another dimension. “Neighbors from Hell” was a 3D ride that required you to flee from hellish demons that are definitely out to kill you.  We toured the haunted houses “Mad House” and “Buried Alive”. We also saw zombies, a shape shifting gorilla woman, and a magician. We made it out alive.  Will you? 
The Screamer
In the 4 ½ hours we were there, we did not take in all the available attractions. This is not an inexpensive evening out. Admission plus 16 tokens cost $45. Visiting the outdoor haunted houses was included in admission and did not require tokens. The two indoor haunted houses cost 4 tokens each. Monster Truck Ride cost 12 tokens and other rides were 8 tokens each. Games were generally 4 tokens each. Food services were limited and costly so I did not indulge. I estimate my total cost to be $70.
Neighbors From Hell Ride


To enjoy the experience, it is necessary to leave your “grown up, responsible, judgemental, adult” self at home. Come prepared to laugh, scream, jump, and defend yourself and your friends with your purse if necessary and you will have a wonderful time. We all certainly escaped our real world and left with smiles on our faces. Will I go back next year? Absolutely.  It was Spooktackular!

Zombie Smiling

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