Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Loki the Vampire...Cat?

Loki the Vampire Cat.  See her on https://instagram.com/loki_kitteh/?hl=en

In the Nether Realm, we are aware that the Earth Realm has vampire bats.  Are there other animals that are vampiric? This is a mystery that many of us have been pondering for centuries.  There is a group of scientists in the Nether Realm at my old school, the University of Atlantis, that is trying to figure this out.  I may have the answer. 

Loki saying,"Hello!"  Say hello to her on https://www.facebook.com/Lokithevampirecat
There is a cat in the Earth Realm named Loki who just might be a vampire cat.  Her companion Kaet says she got this cute little critter from an animal shelter and has several pictures of Loki posted on Instagram, Facebook and other social media.  Although vicious-looking in her pictures, this unique cat has the sweet personality of most other kittens. Luckily, Loki has no taste for blood (that we know of), just kitty treats.  Still, I wouldn't make this feisty feline feral.  

Loki in a Bathrobe.  See her at https://twitter.com/loki_kitteh
With Kaets’s permission, I tried to look further into Loki's origin.  It is shrouded in mystery.  So I inquired about any missing cats in the Nether Realm who resemble Loki.  There are animals everywhere in the Nether Realm.  They are very well taken care of and comfortable but every once in a while, like me, they will run off and explore other worlds.  I wanted Loki’s friends, companions and family to know that she is well cared for and loved in the Earth Realm (if indeed she once lived in the Nether Realm).  I haven't heard from anyone in the Nether Realm as of yet.  I still can't help but wonder.  Is Loki from our world?  What do you all think?


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