Thursday, February 19, 2015

A shout out to the undead clan!

 On my trip to New Orleans, one of the biggest supernatural centres of this realm and you guys are sure making a name for yourselves here.  Some of you are praised and some of you are feared but one thing you all have in common in this neck of the swamps is that you make things interesting.


Now as all you know, the undead clan consists of vampires, ghosts, zombies and the many more beings that fill that list.  This is the clan that very few understand and that most humans over exaggerate with their stories.  I have taken a tour that describes some of what happened in New Orleans. (Details will be described in a later blog).  And you guys gave these poor souls a really big scare especially if they are talking about it a couple centuries later.  

Most of us mystics know that this clan is the most mysterious and misunderstood clans of them all.  You'll bump into these people now again and often times they do not attack you.  They are people just like anybody else.  the vampire (for example) needs blood to live just like humans need food but often times, the blood is collected in a way that no one dies nor are they harmed.  Places like blood donations for example is one way they collect it.  Sometimes they will have animal blood or tomato juice (the later is usually a diet drink for them).  

Ghosts are humans who are just stuck in a certain surreal immortality that can leave them lost or confused.  Sometimes not though. Those that know they are ghosts and wish to stay that way can "live" very happy and productive existences as  we see in the nether realm.  They mean no harm or I'll will just let them be.  

So yes,  many are quick to judge them without really talking to them or getting to know them.  Granted some are @$$#0|€£ but just like humans and other Mystics that's not all of them.  Many of them are good kind souls that wish no one any harm.  But keep up the good ghost stories guys we need the entertainment.  And please keep it fictional.  

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