Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine's Love Potions

Valentine's Day is coming and everyone will tell you that this is the day of romance.  We love that sort of thing don't we mystics?  I mean we celebrate it quite differently than the humans.  Where we have flower eruption festival, Valentine's feast for love, and dancing in the street; humans have flower giving, going out to dinner at a restaurant and dancing in a night club.  Sometimes they will throw in a movie too. 

Now back to the romance.  People really misinterpret a lot with this holiday.  It's not just for couples and for the flower and candy companies.  Any mystic will tell you that it is a day for love.  If you are single, it is a good day to get out, have fun and meet new people.  It's a good day for new beginnings (because New Years was right before it and the Chinese New Year is right after, I have to say that's a strong indication that Valentine's is about new beginnings.).  And if you happen to be in a couple it's a good way feed the spark that brought you two together. 

So because this is a day for love, I wanted to talk about love potions.  Not love potion #9 because I got to tell you that just takes it overboard.  Love potions are everywhere this time of year but I do have to warn you that some do not work the way they say they will.  It's a hard lesson but its true.  So if you are hunting for a love potion you need to find these ingredients:


Jasmine: This lovely flower will create an erotic euphoria in both men and women.  It has been used for centuries to create a spiritual bond between lovers.

Rose:  This is a little more for women than men but sometimes they will need it too.  This plant will boost confidence and reduce arousal blocking anxiety.

Vanilla:  This is a wonderful flower that is popular with South and Central America.  Legend has it that a fertility goddess fell in love with a mortal man and they longed to get married.  Now unfortunately back in that time mortals and immortals were not allowed to marry.  That broke her heart but the good news is that she turns herself into a field of this aromatic flowers to help other lovers get together.  So instead of turning bitter she decides to help others.  It's a truly wonderful story and for that reason vanilla will help with love.

Cinnamon: Aye Caramba!  It's getting spicy here folks.  This will blend and balance the above ingredients.  It also creates a burst of fiery passion and energy that will knock your lover's socks off. So yes it increases sex drive.

So there you have it.  The right love potion with these ingredients will help you attract, spark or tantalize your mate.  So have a lovely time on this day and remember to show the ones you love how much you love them.

 St. Valentine's Rule!  ;)

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