Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Orleans Post 2 - The Shopping

When it comes to shopping, you only need to be in one area... The French Quarter.  Everything and anything you need is in this area.  What do many people (mystic or otherwise) look for when on vacation?  The answer is Souvenirs (of course).  The best way to find something is right down Bourbon Street.  Down here if you are looking for just your typical T-Shirt or an atypical piece of art, this is the place and for really good prices.  My favorite store down this street is a small shop called Yesteryears.  This cool little shop is run by a cool, friendly local who has everything here from beautiful jewelry to gorgeous local artwork. 
  I could not help but buy a gorgeous painting made by a woman named Marrus.  She has quite the gift of making these beautiful, otherworldly pictures that not only scream out to you but somehow bring a little magic into your life.  I recommend you check out her website:  Now back to Yesteryears, you will find the unique and wonderful.  A gift from this place will make anyone in your circle smile.  The owner is a very interesting lady herself.  She is very knowledgeable and willing to help out a customer looking for a special something.  Plus she is a hoot, she knows some really funny stories so be sure to listen to a few.
Now if you want to get something really unusual, go to a voodoo shop.  You will find things there that you will not find in too many places. 
 <-----This one I thought was the best one.  It has all things Voodoo and then some.  There are books, sachet bags and yes Voodoo dolls.  All of these I am told can be used but I recommend to use with discretion.  If you don't know what you are doing, lets just say it could create a mess.  Still to any person or someone in your life who likes skulls this is the store for you. 
One of the top stores that people want to visit are the antique, jewelry and vintage stores.  There are many good ones but I have to admit that my favorite one was Trashy Diva.
  Locally designed retro clothing at Trashy Diva on Royal Street. Image courtesy 
Not only is it a store filled with Vintage clothing, it is a store that captures your imagination.  Each article of clothing is waiting for someone to take it to an exciting New Orleans event like a Jazz club or a fancy Mardi Gras Ball.  These are outfits meant to create memories.  It's not everybody's style to do vintage but it is in everybody's interest to have some fun and this store is. 
If you prefer something a little more high class and sophisticated, check out Violet's NOLA.This store has some beautiful dresses that screams movie star and posh.  So don't wait for your dream dress, get it here. 
Now sometimes there are people who don't want clothes of any kind or who are just hard to shop for.  There is a really nice place to go that sells crystals, aromatherapy and fossils.  This store is called Earth Odyssey.  You'll find some lovely all natural gifts that are both unique and thoughtful.  The idea of bringing nature and magic together is a Mystic's way of life.  Now this place will bring our old home of the Netherworld into this world.  And if you feel the need.  They have some very good psychic readings here.  After all, you can't come to New Orleans without considering getting a tarot card reading. 
So yes.  Shopping is a good way to spend at least one day of vacation on especially when you want to bring some of your experiences home with you and to share with the ones you love.  This city is a good place to shop no matter what your style, tastes or interests. 

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