Monday, March 2, 2015

New Orleans Post 3 - The Museums and Culture

This Journey takes us to New Orleans Museum of Art or NOMA for short.  This is the place to find amazing works of art from the medieval ages to our modern society.  From east to west, Native to European, the art here is varied and beautiful.  A fascinating piece of history sits right before you with an explanation and a story to fascinate even the most uninterested of people. 

My personal favorite was the portrait of Marie Antoinette by Vigee Le Brun.  Big, tall and majestic.  That is exactly how I would have pictured her.  And I also liked the Chinese Snuff Bottles that were made from various materials such as jade and brass.  As you all well know, we still use those in our world.  We often use them for medicines or small potions but the humans (both Chinese and Europeans) used them for containing powdered tobacco.  If you are feeling homesick, take a look at these lovelies and know that its not as far as you think.

My next visit is to the Botanical Gardens that are just next door of NOMA.  Now this is a place where the flora captures you in an art all of its own.  I don't know about the rest of you but the majesty of nature always inspires me.  There are not as many flowers at this time of year but there are some that are not around where I am from (especially this time of year).  Floral trees, beautiful fountains, trees that seem more alive than anything else and little wild flowers popping up where you would least expect them.  And I can not forget the statues that remind you of Ancient Greece.  Go there to meditate or catch a glimpse of the wonderful plants.  It's not expensive at all either ($4.00 USD) when you want to connect to nature.

When it comes to learning more about history, there is a museum that you must go to and that is the World War II Museum.  Real life WWII Veterans will be happy to share their stories with you.  They are very intense, tragic and make you appreciate what we have today due to these noble people who sacrificed so much.  Even the locals speak really high of it and you get a first hand education of what happened in those days.  You won't get a better one. 

Now for something really unique, visit the Sculpture Garden.  The oddest and coolest structural pieces are there including what looks like a giant spider.  Something's you have to use your imagination for but others you can not help but admire the effort that these artists put in the detail of all these pieces. 

If you want art, history or getting a first hand experience of the culture that New Orleans provides check these places out.  You will find the wondrous in each and every one of these places.

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