Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Cleansing

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Well spring is here.  At least in Calgary it is.  And all of us know that when it's spring we have to clean house.  Not just in the physical sense (we have to do that alot don't we?) but in the emotional/spiritual sense (We do this alot too but it seems alot easier).  Here is a guide to get you going.  What you need is :

  • White Sage Smudging Wand
  • Citrine Crystal
  • Salt Water or Holy Water (all about preference)
  • Rock Crystal Lamp
  • A Sea Shell from the Siren Clan
  • A pot of African Violets
  • White Candle (preferably laced with pixie dust)
  • A Smudging Feather (optional) 

*WARNING:  Make sure you get the bird's permission for the smudging feather because my werewolf friend just took one from a hawk and the damn thing didn't leave him alone for a month.  It continually pecked at the top of head and then took a dump on him.*

Now first things is first:  Do this during the day when the light is bright.

  1. Light a white candle in the center point of your house.
  2. Use that candles to light your smudging stick and trace it along the corners of your home with your hand or your feather.  Be sure to say a small prayer or incantation.  I prefer this one. "Only light and good energy are welcome in this space.  May it be like this always."
  3. Take your water and pour a little in your hand and cup it while you put your love and good intentions in it.  Focus on that as you splash each opening (doors, windows, chimney, etc) to your home.
  4. Now take the shell and place the white candle in there.  Take the citrine crystal and rotate it clockwise around the flame.  Say another prayer or incantation such as, "With this crystal. I light it for love and protection.  Please keep my home safe and full with love."
  5. After everything is said and done.  Finish off by lighting up your Rock Crystal Lamp. 

And this concludes the total cleansing of your house.  Remember, this has to be done by you and you have to make it your own.  Focus on your intentions and you will succeed in cleansing your house.  Speaking of which, don't forget to actually clean your house.  A clean space is a happy space.     

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