Saturday, March 7, 2015

New Orleans Post 4 - Tours

This is one of the great things about New Orleans.  A variety of tours that talk about its colorful history.  The best tour and the one that everyone should take (especially you mystics) is The Voodoo Bone Lady Ghost Tour.   It is an amazing adventure that takes you around the French Quarter.  You are going to learn about all kinds of spirits.  Ghosts of a wealthy heir and his mother, former slave owners who's cruelty still haunts a historic building, a curse that causes injury and a mass murder that seems to still go on today.  I don't want to give away too much of these stories as the lady who shared this with us made it so entertaining that I think she should be the one to share these stories with you.  I will tell you that these tales are dark, scary, freaky and fun.

 <---feeling ominous yet?

Well one thing for sure, you won't be bored and you will get some really good exercise.  You will also hear stories about zombies, how they may have come to be zombies and how some people are mistaken for zombies.  (pretty cool stuff).  Still I was really fascinated with the stories of the vampires and how they made their home in New Orleans.  I wouldn't mind hearing more about them  because it still seems like a mystery to me of how and why they came there.  Anyone know more about this?

<---This is where the vamps came to be.
Anyway, this fabulous evening we got to stop at many interesting and lovely places but the one that I remember most is our brief bathroom visit to the Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop.  This place I have to say is a very fascinating place.  It is as dark and mysterious as it sounds but it is also airy and very down to earth.  The only light you will find in this place are the candles that sit on the tables.  Very moody atmosphere.  In other words, a good place for ghosts, vampires, werewolves and other nightly creatures to have some fun.
A great time, an entertaining host that will give you two voodoo spells at the end of the tour and an experience you will never forget.  Now be sure you keep this in mind especially if you happen to be here for the first time: As this is a ghost tour this will take place in the evening because they often do and who knows?  You might catch a glimpse of the paranormal.  In fact, I think I might have caught an old friend of mine from the Netherworld.  Check it out.

<----The mist in the picture.  Ghost or photo error?

I took another tour earlier in my trip.  This was in the Garden District that I booked through in my hotel.  Here you will see the gorgeous houses of famous celebrities like Nicholas Cage, Sandra Bullock and John Goodman.  You get a little history and see the tombs of Lafayette Cemetery and why it's better to have tombs as opposed to coffins (New Orleans is below sea level so the coffins rise).  Where certain movies such as D'Jango Unchained and the Curious Case of Benjamin Button are filmed.  And I tell you, the architecture of these homes are just stunning.  So yes I would spend a day checking out this tour.  Our guide is very entertaining, educated and knew where some good places were to eat. 

Besides I could not resist seeing the house where famous novelist Anne Rice lives.  So if you are in New Orleans, check out these tours because they are amazing.  You will learn so much in so little time and lets face it my mystical friends. "Knowledge and Wisdom is power."  whether its the history or knowledge of ghostly residents, take the time to check them out.  You won't be sorry. 

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