Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Magic of Blue Roses

What are blue roses?  Why do we have them?  Well anyone will tell you that a rose is a flower and some rare instances it happens to be blue.  (This will end the sarcasm portion of this article).
Blue roses in the Earth Realm are almost never to be found.  What humans usually do here is dye white roses with a chemical called delphinidin.  That gives it a nice blue to violet color.  For us in the Nether Realm, we have to wait for a blue moon and go to the Lampflower Forest to collect them. So it's just as hard to collect in this realm as well as our own.

Many people believe that they are a symbol love and prosperity.  There is a ring of truth to that but that is a little broad isn't it?  In some cultures the blue rose is a symbol of royalty or regality.  A very luxurious flower in that sense so that could be a sign of prosperity.  In eastern cultures it is a sign of hope that a person can attain an unattainable love.  Sounds like a country song doesn't it?  We all know that roses are a symbol of love.  Often times the different colors are what kind of love that it gives off.  The blue rose could be a symbol of a love that many think that will never happen for a mutlitude of reasons. 

I have a different theory.  I think the blue rose is a symbol of mystery and attaining the impossible whether it is love or success  When you give a blue rose to someone especially a romantic partner you are telling them that they are "one in a billion."  You appreciate their uniqueness.  That is something that everyone should have.  Someone who loves them for their one-of-a-kind personality.  That is what the blue rose does!

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