Monday, April 6, 2015

Good Luck Charms - Pysanka (Egg)

Well folks, Easter has past and you know what that means?  Yes the fertility festival back in the Nether Realm is coming up!   We all remember the dancing in the streets, the beautiful spring flowers everywhere (especially when we use them as confetti), The street preformers entertaining us and the music.  Oh the music, I miss hearing all those flutes and drums.  I'm very upset that I have to miss it this year.  It's a shame!

To make up for it this year I celebrated Easter with some human friends of mine.  There's no dancing here but there is feasting, and visiting with others.  Yes there is drinking too and the wine is fantastic!  Easter, like our Fertility Festival, is about spring, renewal, new beginnings and is generally about being grateful for what you have.  Its the best of both worlds!

We also share a symbol with the humans and that is the Pysanka Eggs.  Brought to us by our friends from the Ukraine, these eggs are everwhere.  They are considered a symbol of birth, fertility, spring, good luck and frankly just good eating.  I recommend carrying a small pysanka-like object with you.  Take a look at what they look like.

Get one of these to keep out evil spirits, to avoid being struck by lightning, to make sure a fire doesn't start in your house and just keeping a general catastrophe away from you and anyone around you.  Now if you sense that there is a demon around, get a pysanka with swirls on it because those nasty pieces of shit will be trapped in there for all eternity.  The only problem with that is, you have to secure pysanka because you never now where an evil mage is lurking around to steal it.

If they get it, these nutzos will use every trick in the book to try and sicken you.  Remember the punks that wrecked our milk production for our Fertility Festival in 1882?  This is minor in comparison to the havoc brought by these evil mages.  The diseases they can give you, leave you in a very weak state of being.  Sure they only work during the spring but their value during that spring is BIG!!!  So best to keep that Pysanka close during spring and under lock n' key for the rest of the year.  Watch your lucky charm folks, it could save your life.

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