Saturday, April 25, 2015

Go Flames Go!

No, this is not a post for a fire spell.  This is a post about what many in this realm (most especially Canadians) take pride in.  Hockey.  Tonight the Calgary Flames are taking on the Vancouver Canucks for the Stanely Cup.  Like us in the Nether Realm, humans love their sports.  Since I consider myself a Calgarian, I am rooting for the Flames.  To my opinion, they are the best team in the National Hockey League (NHL) and understandably some would disagree. 

Now no matter who you are, its always good to keep your nose and your ears towards sports in this world.  Humans love to talk about them and if you know how to talk to humans its easier to blend in even make some friends.  It's not a chore, infact it can be alot of fun and you can really enjoy yourself. 

Now back to the Calgary Flames.  These men have won six games so far and lost three but I still have high hopes for them tonight.  Their stats are excellent and their team is very tight knit.  They are a strong hockey team with a good chance of making it.

So as we would all say back in the Nether World, "Play for fun, play for honor and shoot for the stars."

If you are a lover of hockey or the Calgary Flames please feel free to comment.  If you're not please comment anyway and tell me what your favorite team is and why.  I would love to hear from you. 

Never-the-less, good luck Calgary Flames.  I'm cheering for you guys tonight.

Go Flames Go!

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